The Killer Hunters Book Series
by Damon Peel

Among the Pantheon of gods, there are four that are at the top.
The gods of Fear, and Storytelling. The goddesses of Fate, and Luck and Games.

The God of Fear has the job of making sure there is in fact fear in the world and through the years what people are scared of has changed. At one time it was verbal stories, but now it is horror movies of generally the slasher variety. Meaning he makes them come to life.

The Killer Hunters are a group who tries to track down where the horror movie villains are going to strike and save as many people as possible as they try to find a way to stop them. The Killer Hunters are considering adding a new member to make themselves a trio instead of a duo.

What would you do if the slashers from horror movies didn’t stay inside the screen? Would you run? How far could you get? Would you fight? For how long? Could you do what was needed to survive?

For us none of those questions are hypothetical they are something that we have to answer day in and day out. Horror movies slashers are something that we have had to deal with for close to twenty years now. At first, we ran, wouldn’t you? Then we reach a turning point where running and hiding was not cutting it anymore. No now it was time for us to take the fight to them. The killers are now the ones being hunted by us.

That being said it might be time to recruit a new member, after all it is not like I will be around forever to protect Lance and stick it to the killers.

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Book one Excert ~ Pg.197 Scarecrow brady

That being said, I am finally feeling the fresh air on my straw again, and it feels amazing. Now, I won’t lie… some of us lesser ones have been a little more reluctant to go out on kills, simply because of those two boneheads that have been a thorn in our side for a long time. I personally don’t care. What are the chances of them appearing in a random Nebraska cornfield, right? Not to mention that killing them would move you up the ranks, for sure. I mean, if I encountered them and killed them, it would get me promoted up to tier S in an instant. My name would be right there with Isaac, Chris, Michael, or Jenna. That is the dream there, since us scarecrows are seen as the lowest of the low.

That’s enough thinking. It is time to get to having fun, to spilling blood and most importantly, spreading fear. I start moving through the cornfield, looking for victims. I can hear something going on in the distance, which is beautiful. I wouldn’t want to wait too long to get started, after all