Bonus Chapter: Supply Day


               Hello everyone and welcome back to the tales of the killer hunters. As I am sure you already know from reading the previous page this is another bonus chapter and this time around, we actually have no killers involved. Shocking right, but this time they just have no place in the tale. Now the timeline for this bonus chapter takes place after the events that transpired with Scarecrow Brady in January. It is now March and we will be checking in on Crimson and the gang along with a surprise look into the aftermath of Isaac’s attack on the Garrets in the town of Muncie. It seems like it would make the most sense to start off with the events in Muncie and then we will get into the Killer Hunters and their supply day.


               It’s funny how time is or how it feels. I mean two months can feel like the longest period of time imaginable while at the same time feeling like it went by in a flash. This difference can make things harder as it can feel like someone who is gone is still with you. I mean I still feel like that date with Miles was yesterday I am constantly checking my phone to see if he has texted me and I catch myself starting to send him one. The whole process is comedic if you think about it time is something that is so precious yet at the same time is so relative that it is impossible to fully grasp it. Everything and I mean everything just keeps marching forward despite if you want it to or not. Time is the greatest resource on the planet and we have no say in how it is used or even how it feels. I don’t know how much time I have or how much time anyone else has. I mean I did not think that mine and Miles time together would come to an end so abruptly how could I have known and now two months have passed.

               Two months have passed and yet here I am sitting at my desk in my second period government class. Everything is going on like clockwork the only difference being that when I look to my right I don’t see Miles drifting off to sleep before Mr. Peel calls him out for it. It is sad but I can see the whole thing playing out in my head.

               “Clarissa is there something funny about our discussion of the extuictive branch and the mock election that we are about to do?” Mr. Peel ask calmly in my direction without even looking over.

               I must have let out a small laugh thinking about Miles falling asleep and of course Mr. Peel picked it up, it has always been uncanny his ability to call people out without even looking in that direction.

               “Sorry Mr. Peel I zoned out for a moment there it won’t happen again. Sorry that I interrupted class.” I say this with sincerity despite his calm no nonsense demeanor he is one of my favorite teachers.

               “Very well than let’s get back on the topic on hand and Clarissa I would like you to stay a moment after the bell rings if that would be possible?” Mr. Peel says and I simply nod my head seeing as there is a chorus of “ooooohhhhhhh’s” going on, but a simple look from Mr. Peel silencens that.

               The rest of the class goes by uneventful I guess, I wish I could say what we were going over, but I really can’t I was there and I was trying to pay attention I really was, but it just wasn’t working.

“Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Dong” The school bell rings signally the end of class. Everyone starts heading for the door. I start to head that way to when I hear Mr. Peel behind me.

               “Clarissa would you mind holding up a minute a still need to see you for a second?” Mr. Peel says in his normal voice.

               That does remind me that I was suppose to see him after class, so I double back to his desk where he is at leaning against the desk.

               “I won’t take much of your time, it just seems like today was a bad day today, so I wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing. Losing someone your close to can be a devastating incident that does not have a expiration date for how long it can affect you.” He says this with a caring voice.

               It is funny Mr. Peel seems most the time like he is nothing more than a hardass, he is serous, calm, and likes to keep things on topic, but at the same time there a lot of students that say he is their favorite teacher and it is because he might not be about nonsense during his lectures, but he also actually cares. He will try to help you with your work even if it is for another class and will try to incorporate subjects that relate to what he is talking about and to us. He is also sarcastic and will use that against the jokers which is pretty funny, but I think the thing that both makes me like him as a teacher and makes me want to avoid him. Is he is a realist unlike everyone else he does not sugarcoat a lot of things and instead just calls it like he sees it which can make him seem like a jack ass, but it also makes it where he can see things that others can’t.

               The fact that unlike every other person under the sun that ask if I am okay he doesn’t. He knows that I am not doing okay and addresses me in that manner it is weird.

               “I am fine I think I just did not get enough sleep last night. Sorry for causing a disruption in your class.” I say back in the most cheerful way that I could.

               He simply sighs and nods his head for me to head out to my next class. While I am happy that he is not pressing I am also sad about it. I mean there is an inner battle going on in my head.

Clarissa (Inner Self)

               It is so cold in here it is like a prison cell. Hell it is not like a prison cell it is a prison cell complete with bars and everything. I have been locked in here ever since Miles died. As far as prison cells go it could be worst I at least have a little table in the center and a bed in the corner. All in all it is similar to my room if instead of walls there were bars that led to pure darkness. As I am thinking about this I hear the door opening up and see my other self walking in. it is always a weird experience to see yourself walking in to greet you.

               “Hello, how are you today?” My other self ask as she walks in with a platter with cheese and crackers on it.

               “How do you think I am doing being locked away all day long while you are out there smiling like an idiot?” I say back.

               She looks at the ground for a moment before setting the platter on the small table in the middle. The platter also has a tea pot on it that she uses to pour two glasses as she sits down at the table.

               “Now that is a little harsh considering how the only reason that your in here and I am out there is because that is what you wanted. I did not decide to go there and play the smiling cheerful idiot myself that was all you.” She retorts as she drops two sugar cubes into her tea and takes a bite of a cracker.

               I wish I could say she was wrong, but she is not I did lock myself away.

               “You know I had no choice, but to do this. Everyone was looking at me like I was so pathetic crying so much and being so depressed about Miles death. I know what they were all thinking that it was nothing, but a high school relationship that was probably going to end anyways, so why should I stay depressed for so long.” I say back as I pull up a chair at the table and add three sugar cubes to my cup of tea.

               “Not everybody was thinking like that you know there were some who were generally concerned. Hell even today Mr. Peel asked to see us so that he could let us know that it was okay to still be hurting.” She says between crackers.

               Mr. Peel always was nice and he wasn’t the only one I had some friends that I feel really felt for me and wanted to help me out of genuine concern.

               “I know, but that doesn’t change the fact that making the few that actually care worry is also not ideal for us. I mean you know the reason most people ask if your okay despite the fact it is obvious that your not. It is simple because they are at a lost as to want to do to actually help, so they are actually looking for the lies that we tell them and ourselves that we are fine and nothing is wrong. It eases their minds because if something happened they can say that they tried to help, but it also gets them out of the uncomfortableness that comes with dealing with this. I mean my parents were worried, but was it me they were worried about or how people would see them if they had a daughter who was a wreck. Thus I had to form you as my mask to hide from the world what is truly going on with me.” I reply by as I slowly nibble on a cracker.

               “I know why you did it, but it is not healthy for us to endure all of this pain and let it imprison us in our own mind and heart and make it where not only do we have to lie to everyone in our lives, but we have to double down and keep up the charade. Anyone who is not willing to just go along with our lies and instead chooses to try and see under the mask have to be dealt with. We have to cut ties with them or keep our distance. I mean look at Mr. Peel and Shadow we try to avoid them at all cost. One is a teacher that has helped us multiple times and we have depended on and the other was our best friend and now we barely talk to either of them and when we do it is more a brushing them off type ordeal, all because they can see past the mask they can see the bars we have here and threatens everything that we have done. It threatens the lies we have chosen to try and believe. When will it be enough? “ She says back raising her voice a little bit.

               She is not wrong though ever since we decided to retreat into ourself we have had to cut ties with those that actually care to try and pull back the curtain or the veil. I guess it is not that hard truly to understand why. I mean at the end of the day we put up this masquerade for one purpose a feeling of protecting ourselves or others thus it is a defense mechanism and what do humans do when one of their defense mechanisms are being proved ineffective they pull back. Hell even if a snake is behind a big glass wall if it strikes out at you than you instinctly  pull back from it. This is the same in a way, the only difference is the father I pull back the deeper I go and eventually I won’t have anywhere to hide and I know this.

               “I don’t know if it will ever be enough, I mean this pain feels like it will never go away and all I can do is push further and further down.” I reply back.

               “I know but we have our limits and we are quickly reaching them I know this and you know this, isn’t it bad enough that you have already started trying to replace the mental pain with physical pain. I mean the weather hasn’t fully changed yet, but do you really think no one will notice that we have to be long sleeves year round now. Because your cracking and the walls you have put up are falling and to keep us in check your causing yourself pain just to level out the pains.” She says this as she pulls up the sleeve of the yellow sweater that she is wearing.

               I can clearly see the marks that I have caused there on our arms. At the moment there are still not many cuts and they are shallow, but it is getting harder to control the urge. It is not that I want to cut myself or cause myself harm, but the only way for me to remind myself what is real what is important and what I need to concern myself with is to drag myself out of my mental prison and the easiest way to do that is with physical pain it reminds you of the world your living in. If only the high I guess would be the best way to describe lasted, but alas like anything else it fades quicker every time you do it and to make matters worse it starts to require more and more to even do the same thing. I did my first cut about a month ago and I swore I wouldn’t do it again. It hurt so bad and their was so much blood I was scared at first about how much blood I was losing I thought maybe I had cut to deep and I was dying. I think the thing that scared me most about that line of thought was I wasn’t scared of dying if anything I was actually welcoming it thinking I would be reunited with Miles. I know how fucked up that is but it is what went through my mind. The actual cut was nothing it wasn’t deep it was actually pathetically shallow, but I was new to the whole experience and it seemed so much worse than it was. Despite my fear and thoughts of never doing it again it wasn’t two weeks later when I cut again this time I went a little deeper not much and the pain truly reminded me that I was still alive, since than I have cut four more times and each time I shorten the time in between.

               “You think I haven’t noticed that, but what am I to do, huh? I mean what purpose is there in telling other people who can’t help, why burden people with our problems. I have to be strong not just for myself, but for everyone else. The weak are nothing but burdens on the strong and I can’t be that I won’t be that. I mean you already saw that I was a burden on everyone after it first happened this is the only way.” I say this as tears start to flow in my eyes.

               “Yeah I know that, but where do you think this is heading. Huh your so smart so do think this is going to come to an end if we don’t face it. No it is not it is just going to get worst and worst until we die. I mean that is the natural outcome and I am not saying that it will be intentional, but when you have to cut deeper to get the same results and cause the same pain than it is only a matter of time until you go to deep. You claim your doing this for everyone else, but how do you think they will feel if you were gone?” she yells back as tears start flowing in her eyes as well.

               “I fucking know that okay and I am fine with it, if it happens than at least I will be reunited with him right? And as far as I know everyone might be relieved that I am no longer around to be a burden to them and drag them down. I mean imagine my parents they would have so much more money with out me around and more time for each other and if I am gone, I can’t be an embarrassment to them. My friends will fine knew people to be friends hell I am sure they will be happy after all I haven’t fully been myself for awhile and if it wasn’t for a sense of guilt or duty I am sure they would have already stopped being friends with me, but if I died it is a get out of jail free card for them.” I yell back as I stand up.

               “You can’t really feel like that right, I mean think about how you feel from the loss of Miles don’t you think that they would be as hurt as you are now if you died. I mean all you would be doing is switching your pain for their pain. Is that what you want?” She screams back.

               “I don’t fucking know okay, it is so hard I don’t want to cause anyone else pain, but it is so hard to deal with my own pain. Can I really just endure this pain forever just to keep others from feeling it or do I take the selfish route and ease my own pain not caring what the outcomes are for those that care about me. Urg I can’t take this right now just leave me alone and go out there and convince everyone that I am fine.” I scream as loud as I can as I drop to my knees and crying eventually curling up into a fetal postion.

               I don’t know what I should do, why did Miles have to die and leave me all alone?


               I leave Mr. Peel’s classroom and head out into the hall where some of my friends are waiting for me.

               “Hey what did he want with you, I mean did he give you detention.” Sara says with a chuckle.

               “No, no I bet he hit her with a superkick and then pinned her for the one, two, three.” Chelsey says causing everyone to laugh.

               “Nothing like that guys he was just telling me that I needed to start paying attention or my grades would start dropping, besides he seems more like a drop kick kind of a guy to me.” I say as we all start laughing.

               I have a smile on my face that is nothing more than a lie, but no one seems to notice and I continue through my day.


Hello, just thought before we jump over to the killer hunters and what they are up to I would jump in again.

               Humans are quite fragile I am always reminded of that fact as I watch over what humans are doing and guiding them along on their fates. Clarissa had multiple paths that she could have taken her fate was one that could have been glorious had she choose to stay in the light, but alas that was not the route she took. She instead slowly drifted more into the dark not allowing anyone to help and eventually the worst would occur as one night while she was cutting, she went to deep and fell into a deep sleep of which she would never wake up from. This led to a string of other deaths and many depressions diagnosis in the town. Unlike Miles who for the most part was only big because of his ties to Clarissa; she was well liked by many people and her death hit many people hard. I wish I could say that I was saddened by the results, but to me human deaths mean nothing to me. I mean we built all humans and species in that regard to die. Some have certain exceptions to this, but for the most part humans all die and yet they all fear it and let it impact them so heavily. I guess it is just one of those things that I will never get. Why fear and worry about something that is guaranteed, but hey it is what it is. Now the fates have changed as she will no longer be the fiftieth president of the United States, but oh well.

               Now I guess might as well take a peek over into what the Killer Hunters are doing thus I will let them take the story for now, but as always I will be back.

               Until then adieu


               “Beep, Beep, Beep” The alarm clock blares as I reach my hand over and calmly turn it off. Surprisingly for once I actually slept until my clock went off and did not have any dreams that left me waking up in a sweat. It is weird having an uneventful night that allowed me to sleep the entire time actually has me feeling more tired than normal. I mean I think I could actually sleep for another hour or two, but that’s not me. With that in mind I slowly drag my body to the edge of my bed and slip my legs off of it. As they hit the floor the lights come on making me squint as the instant brightness is always a attack on the eyes.

               I do my normal routine of heading to the bathroom first and splashing some water on my face before I head back into my room to do some workouts followed by my shower and getting dressed. Of course like normal my attire is pretty simple. It is a pair of basketball shorts that are blue and black, followed by a black t-shirt with some characters from an anime. It is basic, but that is fine for me. After all that it is time to head over to the base. Al I have to do is make a quick stop in my kitchen first to grab my morning beef jerky.

               “Well hell, it seems like I am almost out. That won’t work I guess we were in need of a supply day anyways.” I mutter out loud as I notice that I only have five beef jerkies in my pantry. Which is far to low. I generally like to have about a three month supply of them and when I start to run out I know that it is time for a supply day.

               Supply days are pretty simple instead of doing any kind of training for the day we take note of everything that we need and then we go to the store to pick up what we need. After all we have to make sure that we have everything that we need. Come to think of it, this will be Little Lexi’s first supply day which is good seeing as there are things that I know we need to pick up for her. Anyways I better call Lance and let him know the plan for the day.

               I pull out my phone as I start to walk towards the base with my beef jerky in tow. Most of the supplies are kept in the base, so if I am going to do a count on things than that is where I need to go.

Lance Emerald

               “Bzzt mmh, Bzzt mmh” I wake up the feeling of vibrations against my pecks.

               “Baby stop, my nipples are ticklish.” I say as I go to brush her off my chest.

This is when I reliaze that it is not a hot babe rubbing my nipple sadly, but just my phone going off. I open my eye slightly to look over at my clock and I see it is only five-thirty. Oh come on what the hell could be so important that he is calling me at this time. Without even looking at my phone yet I can guarantee who it is on the other end of the phone. This confidence leads me to just grab my phone answering it while shutting my eye again.

               “Come the fuck on man, what the hell do you want this early in the morning?” I say as I try to keep my body from fully coming out of sleep mode.

               “Wow that doesn’t seem like any type of greeting for someone calling with news that should make you happy.” He says sarcastilly

               “Not that I believe you are actually calling with any type of news that I will find acceptable to interrupt my sleep with, but I will bite, what the fuck is this great news.” I say this with doubt in my voice.

“I almost don’t want to tell you now, but today you don’t need to come to the base until about noon.” He responds back.

               I sit up in my bed slightly. “Why would that be?” I ask back. Now despite the fact that does sound great and would allow me to sleep in more I don’t trust when he dangles a carrot in front of me so to speak.

               “No need to worry, it is just time for us to do another supply run, so I will be doing inventory here. Meaning until it is time to head to town there is no real need for you to be here, besides you can check your house and see if there is anything that you need. Now while I don’t need you until noon, Little Lexi still needs to report here, so that we can discuss things that she might need and the such.” He says calmly.

               Oh fuck yeah I absolutely love supply days they are the easiest and allow me to sleep in. Not only that since we are going shopping in bulk it means that I can throw some extra little nice things into the carts for my own personal gain. I don’t maybe I will get some new jackets, but than again summer is coming up and a jacket won’t really help me get laid in the summer, it will probably have the opposite effect. I mean if it is a hundred degree’s out most women are creeped out by the dude standing in the corner wearing a jacket. Uhg it is to early to think of how to exploit this.

               “Okay sounds good” I say this and hang up before he has time to say anything else.

               Now I could go let Lexi know but she will come to make sure that I am up when it is time to head that way, so I will just let her know then. Meaning that all I have left to do now is head back to my lovely dream I was having before I was so rudely woke up.

               “Look out ladies I am coming back meaning you should all prepare for the loving I am about to dishing out.” I mutter under my breath as I fade back into sleep.

Lexi Lyrewood

               “Beeeeeep beeeeeeep beep beeeeeeep” My alarm goes off waking me up and I look over seeing that it is seven o’clock. I am so fucking tired it is not funny. I mean not only has the training that they have been putting me through absolute hell, but we have started working on making me a house on the property. Which is a lot of work and makes the all ready tired muscles that much more tired. Lance and Crimson don’t seem like they even notice it, but I guess that is to be expected with how much time they have had to get used to it. I know that I helped them as they started the process of building out here, not just me, but a lot of the town helped in building some of the earliest crap, but I was young and was not able to actually help that much and what little I did do was still extremely tiring on my young body.

               Anyways I slowly climb out of my bed. “Argh that hurts so fucking bad” I grunt as I do a little stretch for my back and rotate my shoulders. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am so young I would be saying I am to old for this crap. For the last couple of months I have started a new routine in the morning starting with some yoga exercises, followed by a shower and then waking up Lance and making a quick breakfast. Sometimes I feel like a glorified alarm clock because I would estimate that ninety percent of the time that I have to wake up Lance and anytime I comment on this his response is always the same. Hey for once I have an alarm clock that I am not going to sleep through and it is not like I will have it long so let me enjoy this. I think he just likes it because he has not been late since I started making sure he was up as well.

               As for the house Crimson is the one that decided that we needed to start on that after seeing that I was committed to staying around. I insisted I did not really need a house built here, but Crimson insisted saying it was better that everyone had their own house and I couldn’t really say it won’t be nice to have a place all to myself. Not to mention on the weekends Ruth has actually been coming over to help as well.

               It is about this time I finish my shower and decide to get dress. It is actually getting decently warm and you can feel spring in the air that being said I generally try to wear outfits that allow for utmost in comfort and flexibility you have to. So, I have some workout shorts and some pants that I wear depending on the weather, and then a couple of tops of various colours. I mean let’s be real workout clothes don’t give you the most to work with if you want them being practical, but that does not mean you can’t try to still have a sense of fashion. Today I am putting on some of my workout shorts that are black they are not as small as some of them I have with these one’s going down to about mid-thigh and my top is a lovely pink colour. My shoes which I have a couple of pairs of obviously are black with pink trim.

               Now that I am dressed for the day it is time to wake Lance up and then see what we have for breakfast.

               I walk out of my room and down the hall his room is the last one on the right. As I head down there I start thinking about how much has changed in such a little time. I mean yeah it has been months, but that is still nothing in retrospect. I mean just a few months ago I was hoping that I could join The Killer Hunters, and now I am a member, I idealized Lance and Crimson and now I see Crimson in a different light. I mean I am still trying to decide how I see him and Lance is honestly the same as he has always been, a perv, a slut, a joker, and a friend.

               I come out of my thoughts as I reach his door. I would knock but he does not have the door closed at the moment that being said it is not like he is being completely unsafe. He has a series of tripwires setup in front of his door if you don’t know what you’re doing you will make quite the racket and eat some wood. Anyways I make my way past his trap and next to his bed where he is sleeping soundly with his legs wrapped around his blanket and hugging a pillow.

               “Hey Dickmunch wake up” I say in his direction he barely moves.

               I wish I could say this was new, but it is not luckily, I know a sure-fire technique to wake him up. He does not like it, but hey it is what it is. The method is quite simple I take something of decent weight and drop it on his dick it works quite nice especially since he is always pretty much guaranteed to have a hard on when he wakes up. Most men do until they use the restroom, but there is also the factor that the realization of sleep usually causes them to have several hard-ons throughout the process. Same thought process of why it commonly happens when they are getting massages which is probably where the old joke of happy ending comes from. Anyways I bottle of water from the pack he keeps in his room and start to head back over to drop it on his dick. When I see him jump to the side in his bed.

               “Woah there no need for that today, you see I get to sleep in today because it is a supply day, so I don’t have to be at the base until noon. So if you don’t mind drop the bottle and I don’t mean on my dick and let me get back to sleep.” He says still obviously half asleep.

               “What the hell is a supply day and why was I not informed of this?” I ask back as I mimic throwing the bottle like a football at his crotch which he has moved a pillow in front of.

               “Crimson called me at five this morning to tell me, meaning he must have been running low on beef jerky since that is the normal thing he uses to judge when we need one and basically it is a day where we go shopping, you should rejoice.” He says back while still trying to keep from waking up entirely.

               “Okay so no training today just shopping that is awesome, I wish you would have told me earlier so I knew I could sleep in, I am so tired that I can’t wait to lay back down.” I say excitedly.

               “Ha ha, funny thing about that is Crimson still wants you to report to the base on time. So, yeah enjoy and try to not make to much noise on your way out.” He says this as he turns over so that his dick is pointing down into the bed and he is clearly going back to sleep.

               Come what the fuck why do I have to go? I wish I could say I was surprised but I am not really all that surprised and worst yet I wonder if this means that I won’t get to go shopping. I would have said something out loud, but it would have been useless and I know it. That being said I am not going to lie and say that I don’t have a little bit of pettiness in me. So before I head out I open the water bottle and I start pouring it on Lance.

               “Oh come on what the fuck man?” Lance says as he starts to jump up.

               “My bad I must have accidentally spilled anyways I need to get to base apparently, so you enjoy your sleeping in on your wet bed.” I say as I head for the door with a smile on my face as Lance is standing next to his bed soaking wet and looking down at his bed.

               “Fuck that I am going to go lay down on your bed, hell I might even jerk off on it.” He smirks as he says it and laughs.

               “Of fucking course that would be your answer, remind me to tell Crimson that I need new sheets when you guys going shopping” I retort.

               We both start laughing and I hear him getting back into his bed. I knew he was just joking about going to my bed, but I did think he would at least stay up now or try to dry himself or his bed, but guess not. Anyways with a reluctant sigh I head down to the kitchen and grab a couple of granola bars as I head out the door might as well get there early since apparently I am going solo today.


               Nothing quite like sitting in a store room looking through boxes and shelves of items and counting how much we have and marking it down to decide how much we need. Especially seeing as how now that we have Little Lexi in order for me to have as much extra supplies as I feel are important, I need to reconsider how much we need. I look down at part of the list I have done so far to double check the items.

Supply List


Current Stock (Generally in Packages)

How much is needed

Toilet Paper



Beef Jerky


















Anti-Bacterial cream




               Okay I think all of those are fine, but I will keep an eye out after all we are going through quite a few more bandages, anti-bacterial cream, and just medicine in general since Little Lexi has been here and that is simply because training is intense and leads to injuries and of course the missions themselves lead to quite a few injuries. Okay I think that is good.

               “Crimson are you here” I hear Little Lexi calling out from around the main building. If it wasn’t for the fact that I left a device over there to listen for when she arrived, I would not have heard thing over here in the warehouse.

               Compared to the main building itself the main warehouse is probably about half a mile north of it and is built into the ground. Above ground is just a little shack that once you walk in has a ramp that leads down into the warehouse that has multiple rooms that connect to the main storage area. One of the rooms is refrigerated. Basically, we can store anything down here. That being said I go ahead and wrap up real quick so I can go meet up with Little Lexi.

Lexi Lyrewood

               I get to the main base and I called out for Crimson since I did not see him at first. That being said I know he is here somewhere. Meaning he will appear somewhere. While I wait on him to be done with whatever he must be working on I head into the base and decide to grab a drink from the kitchen. Now normally I am a soda girl, but not knowing what type of training I could have ahead of me makes me decide to just stick to water for the time being. After that I head back into the common area and I have a seat at the table. Luckily it did not take long for them to get me my own chair that is comfortable and decent to sit in. I mean that foldable chair was hell on the back.

               I would say it probably takes about thirty minutes of me sitting there just going through some files that Crimson left on the table. He leaves a couple of them on the table pretty much at all times now, so that I can look them over since I still get grieve from that first mission and how I did not read the fine points of the files. Which led to a horrible predicament that honestly still hits me hard and is one of the reasons that I still don’t get along tom well with Crimson.

               “Howdy, howdy I heard you over here. Sorry it took me so long to get over here. You were earlier than I was expecting.” Crimson says as he walks in with a clipboard in hand.

               “No problem, but why do I have to be here in Lance does not have to be here until noon?” I ask even though I am sure I already know the answer.

               He simply laughs as he pulls his chair up to the table and takes a seat.

               “That is simple I need to talk to about some stuff and frankly Lance is generally uncomfortable broaching any of these subjects. I mean I had told him to ask you some of the stuff I am going to be discussing with you months ago, but he hasn’t so now I am having to do it.” Crimson says as he sighs.

               Not going to lie that has me a little nervous, it would probably have down right terrified if it was not for the fact that he had originally planned for Lance to talk about whatever it is and if it was to bad he would not leave it to Lance.

               “Okay I am almost scared to ask, but what exactly do you need to ask me?” I say in a voice that relays I am not excited about this.

               “Stop worrying it is nothing bad. I simply need to talk to you about your period.” He says in a matter-of-fact style.

               “What?” I respond back showing my clear shock.

               My shock mainly comes from the fact that I was not expecting it and most men unless they are your gynecologist choose to try and act like our periods don’t exist unless they feel like were acting like a bitch than they want to acknowledge it.

               I shouldn’t be surprised that Crimson does not say anything about my shocked reaction, instead he just calmly sits across from me looking at me. Just waiting, just waiting for me to say something else. I could just sit here waiting with him, see who breaks the silence first, but I know that won’t really work seeing as he is a stubborn one and even worse this is quite awkward.

               “Okay I guess I will say something since your just going to sit over there looking at me.” I say just to break the silence.

               “Of course I was letting you process what I said, afterall it looked like you were taken back by what I said a little bit, but if were done with that I think it is time to get on to business. So I am going to need to know when it is that you normally start your period each month. Now I reliaze it is not an exact science, but it will at least ball park things for me.” Crimson says as he switches to a different page on the clipboard.

               “Ugh why exactly do you need to know that information?” I ask back quizzically.

               “That is simple I prefer to know things that can affect us out on missions and in general the health and well being of our team. As far as this goes I am not a woman obviously, but I have talked with Ruth some about this type of subject and I understand fully that a woman can go through quite a bit of pain and discomfort during her period. This can range apparently from mild to straight out crippling. When I asked Ruth what type of pain it was, her response was that the best way she could think to describe it to a man was a Charlie horse taking place inside your pelvic region, but she said that wasn’t the best description just the best she could think of. With all of that taken into consideration I have to plan accordingly of course. I mean on missions we never know what is going to happen, but we have to try and be top shape. So I want to know when your time is, so I know when I need to keep a closer eye on you.” He says so calmly that it is unnerving.

               “Do you think I need you looking out for me is that it. Do you not think I can take care of myself just because I am a woman. I mean how many times have you been out on a mission not at hundred percent?” I blow up at him yelling.

               The sad thing is I am yelling at him because I don’t really know what to say. I mean on one hand it sounds like he is trying to be considerate, but on the other it also makes it seem like he doesn’t think I can hack it. Which is wrong I mean I can take anything he can and more I know that I can. Now my ego might be getting a little hurt here and despite the fact that I have been humbled multiple times since I have been here it still tends to run wild from time to time. It does not help that after my outburst Crimson simply laughs to himself and gets that trademark smirk of his before he replies.

               “I figured you would take it like that and no that is not what I am saying. I know you can do it, but why put you in a position where your in more danger than you have to be. Honestly the plan is for me to watch and see if a pattern emerges. I mean from this point onward if your on your period and don’t feel like you can do training that day or multiple days that is fine, but I am going to keep track to see if yours are usually heavy hitting on you or not and if you have to miss most training sessions than if were on a mission around that time you will have to maintain the base and act as our information distributer keeping track of things instead of going out into the actual hot zone with the killer for rescues. It really is that simple so once again when do you normally.” He says looking like he is expecting me to blow up again.

               I don’t know if it is that fact that I can see actual reason in what he is saying and the fact that it is not like he is barring me from missions or anything or if it is because he is expecting me to blow up again. That I take a moment to calm down and speak in a calm voice.

               “Fine I get it okay, if you must know I normally start around the seventeenth of the month, happy now.” I say this calmly, but with just the hint of sarcasm at the end.

               “Ha, ha I guess all those years of you guys acting like sisters must have got you on the same page. Ruth starts hers’ at the same time each month. Anyways thanks for the info and now what type of tampons do you prefer, I mean we are going shopping today and I would like to make sure we pick up plenty of anything that we need So, want is your preferred tampon and want type of medicine do you prefer to deal with the cramps?” He says as he writes down some stuff on his clipboard.

               “Wow are you sure your not dating Ruth, I mean come on that seems a little odd for you to know out of the blue, and am I going shopping with you guys or am I staying here and holding down the fort.” I say sarcastically.

               “First off, we are not dating and of course you’re going with us, I mean after all I figured we can do a little shopping for your house as we go seeing as I assume your going to want things like faucets, and furniture.” He says back.

               “Okay than I can pick out my own stuff and you can write it down after the fact seeing as how there are a lot of tampons and medicines that seem the same that are entirely different, and yes having essential features in my house would be nice, but I figured I would get those once we were farther along in the building process and I would pay for them.” I reply back. I was going to mention not believing him about the whole Ruth thing as a joke but decided against it.   

               “Fine, that works for me makes it easier to make sure things are done right after all Lance can be known for grabbing the wrong thing. Also of course were paying for your house and everything that entails I mean you’re a Killer Hunter now and having a base house is part of the package. I mean we have to have some benefit for signing up. Since the negatives are hard work, plenty of scars, and most likely am early retirement plan consistent with a pine box or fire.” He says back.

               We both start laughing at this. I also have to smile about the acknowledgement that I am a member. I mean for better or worse this is what I wanted.


               Crimson would go on to show Lexi the storage warehouse and she would spend the next couple of hours helping him count inventory until Lance got there and they headed out to do some shopping.

               Now I know this bonus chapter was not as action filled as some, but that is the whole point of a bonus chapter isn’t to tell the stories that might not be making it into the books and to give more depth to the story that I am having to narrate. That being said the next bonus chapter is going to be a gruesome one if that is what you’re into it.

Until that Adieu