Howdy, everyone Damon Peel here. Author of The Killer Hunters: Book One Lexi, but if you’re here you probably already knew that. Regardless the fan club area is meant to be a fun location for all of my fans and of course for myself. In the column to the right, I will explain each page you get access to by joining the fan club. Now back to important matters. I am thrilled that you enjoyed my book enough to become a fan and can’t wait to interact with you and delve deeper into the many worlds that I will create.

Okay I will go over the various pages.

Author Video’s- These will be video’s that I will also have on my YouTube channel, but you won’t have to wade through YouTube to get to them. These videos will just be about me and my writing process. Basically, just a way for you to get to know me better.

The Cyclone Pit- This is mainly for the fans to talk to each other or participate in votes I will be doing from time to time. The votes will be for what type of video I do, or maybe what the next bonus chapter will be.

Fun with Fatunmei- This page is solely meant for fun. The idea here is every month I will post a starting paragraph for a story and then you guys can post a sentence or two. Basically, it is just a fun little exercise where we write a story together.

File Notes- While reading the book you might notice that there are things called file notes that give information on characters or events. This page will be a collection of them and have some exclusives that aren’t in the books.

Bonus Chapters- So any time that you are writing a book there are ideas that you have for chapters that don’t make the cut for the actual book, be it do to pacing, relativity to the plot, or just things changing. This page will include just what it says bonus chapters allowing everyone to get more of their favorite characters until the next book comes out. I will always do at least four bonus chapters per year.