The Killer Hunters go to Summer Camp



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Crimson and Lance had been living in Lyrewood falls for a couple of years at this point. Lexi is fifteen and starting to try to come to terms with how she feels about Lance and Crimson and what they do. Ruth is away at college at the moment studying to be a teacher.

Crimson and Lance have just finished preparations to head out on a mission and are just waiting a couple of days before leaving to get some more work done on the base which they have been putting together for a while. It is at this point that we will jump back into the story.

Until next time Adieu.





“Hey man I just had a great idea for my house.” I say this as I start to pull out a piece of paper from my bag.

Right now, we are sitting in Lance’s living room. His house was the first thing that we constructed once we got the land here. A bunch of the town people helped us to finish it so we would have a place to call our own. Since than we have worked on expanding it mainly because it would be nice to have some proper training areas. Afterall for the last few years we have taken up with our plan of hunting the killers and it has shown that we need more practice that is for sure. Anyways we have started work on a base a few miles from here. We plan to use it as a center for all our work-related activities instead of doing it in Lance’s living room.

Lance is currently lounging in a recliner throwing popcorn up into the air and trying to catch it. The piece he is currently trying to catch bounces off his nose instead of going into his mouth as he sits up to respond.

“Dude again with that nonsense why do you need a house when we have this great place right here?” Lance says seriously.

“This place is great for you, but I just think that it is time for me to get my own place after all I am sure that you will be doing activities here that I don’t want to be around for.” I respond.

He rolls his eyes. “What activities would those be when as far as I am aware I am not supposed to bring one-night stands onto the property?” He says this with an exhausted tone like it is the worst thing in the world.

            I know that sounds pretty cruel after all what is the point of having a home if you can’t bring a date in right. I understand that and I don’t plan on imposing that rule forever I just need to keep him focused during the construction process and not going to lie I could do without hearing him have sex it is bad enough I have to hear him watching porn.

“Well, that may be true for the moment, but if I had my own place on the opposite end of the property than your floozy would pose much less of a risk to me, so I might be more inclined to let you bring chicks over and I you won’t have to deal with me telling you to turn your porn down.” I reply.

Lance simply looks up at the heavens before doing air quotes as he responds, “Yeah, I’ll believe that when it happens. I’m sure even with you being on the whole other side of the property you’ll still limit my visitation rights and tell me to turn my shows down.”

That makes us both crack out laughing.

“Anyways dude if you are serious about moving into your own house, I won’t stop you. So, what is this plan you have?” Lance says.

Well at least it seems like he is on board now at least a little I mean I don’t want to leave him all alone where something might happen, but at the same time I have troubles sleeping sometimes and I feel like it would be best if I wasn’t disturbing him. Not to mention we can’t get too complacent, but so far, the plan has been working and no events have occurred here since we have arrived. Well except for the one that happened as we arrived, but that doesn’t count. Also, once we get the base setup that will be our new hangout spot so it is all good. Anyways I put the piece of paper on the table setup in front of us.

“Okay so stay with me here, you know I hate the heat and that I like my privacy and safety precautions right, so I want to build my entire house underground with just like a hidden trap door or something to get to the surface.” I say this and point to the plans I have been working on.



Lance Emerald



Crimson puts a piece of paper on the table that looks like it has a bunch of drawings and writings on it. Before I could get a chance to really look at them, he starts talking about building his house underground. Like what the hell is that, is he a mole? I mean he is planning to tunnel into the ground to live. I know that he is probably wanting to move out because he has always had vivid bad dreams after the orphanage and I could never blame him because he saw a lot more than me that night add to those the constant dreams he’s had since we lost Adrestia in Red Elm. Well, it is rough for him and I don’t think he wants me to realize just how often they are occurring. It might not be the healthiest habits, but I at least use my sex drive to keep myself sane, he just bottles it all up and that can’t be healthy for him. That is a talk to have with him another day for now I just need to focus on the task at hand.

“Really dude you want to become a mole? Are you just giving up on the surface world?” Not to mention no woman is going to want to crawl into a hole in the ground that is creepy as shit. Also, on the other side of the property you would be at least what six miles away from anything who are you worried will be invading your privacy?” I say this with more than a hint of sarcasm.

He points to the piece of paper like that makes anything clearer before starting to talk.

“Okay first off, I don’t really think lots of women were lining up to get with me before I decided to go underground so that’s a moot point. Second it is always the people who aren’t concerned with what is around them that get got in horror movies, and lastly it is not like I am expecting you to help me with this, but if you don’t help than I am not helping you with your little road.” He says this as he tosses his hands up in the air.

So, it doesn’t sound like I am going to be able to talk him out of it, but at least I can get out of helping dig that shit right after all how hard could a road be to build.

“Fine do what you want you always do, but I’ll have nothing to do with that shit. Also just throwing it out there that if you applied yourself a little, I’m sure even you could pick up a lady or two. I mean remember women are always saying that they are not as superficial as men so I am sure your grotesque appearance would not be a problem. Not to mention the night terrors I am sure that any girl out there would be swept off her feet by the fact that you feel so deeply about the girls you have been close to that you have nightmares at night of losing them. You’re like a walking chick flick.” Now I say this as I start laughing.

I realize that I might of went a little too far with my joke, but hey no problem. He knows it was a joke made in good fun. As I think this I look over and it stops my laughing. Now some people might be scared to look over and see someone looking pissed not me I would prefer that because if he looks pissed than everything is fine. It is when he looks calm as a cucumber and has that fucking smirk on his face that I know that I am in trouble.

“Fuck maybe I went a little too far there but hey we do have a mission coming up so we will want to be in top shape for that right so no punishment.” I quickly say after seeing his face. I might not be as smart as him, but I know when it is best to take a hasty retreat.

Crimson simply laughs and holds up his hands in a what’s wrong motion before starting to talk.

“Now why would you think that you went too far and that there would be a punishment. I mean you called me grotesque, but there is no insult in calling an ugly man ugly. So that’s fine, maybe it is because you compared me to a chick flick which seems odd since I would not call myself an overly emotional person. If those two aren’t why I could be peeved what could it be?” he takes a moment to act like he is thinking before continuing. “Oh, I know the fact that these alleged nightmares or night terrors that you seem misinformed to thinking I have would be useful in getting laid. Now that seems like a winner, but hey your just mistaken probably from the pressure of the mission we have coming up after all it is going to be taking place at a summer camp and I know how they always make you anal about things.” He says this calmly but trust me you could still feel the venom coming from each word.

Now that hit hard and deep just like he wanted it to.

“Fuck off you dickmunch I told you to never bring that fucking up.” I retort.

“Which part summer camp or anal.” He responds with a fake sense of stupidity.

“You know it is both those together. You know I hate fucking summer camps nothing good ever happens at summer camp.” I angrily say back.

“Oh, I know, but I feel like we’re even now since I think you can agree somethings are better left unsaid.” He says it with a sense of victory like he got his point across.

Unfortunately, he did in fact get his point across of even if I noticed his nighttime problems, it is better left unsaid just like my hatred of summer camps.

I know hating summer camps is weird since a lot of people like them or look forward to them, but they are actually going to them not winding up there because a killer is there or you wander into one while living in the woods. So yeah, not an exciting time for us not to mention what actually happened at them. I mean the one I was starting to hit on a chick and she was of course all into it. I mean I am me so she was puddy in my hands and she invited me into her cabin, thus to not be rude of course I had to go in. I mean any sane person would do the same right?

Anyways I go into the cabin and things start going right we are stripping and getting to some good stuff when I have to stop because I hear something in the closet. Now with everything I have lived through you hear something in the closet you pay fucking attention to it no matter what you’re doing. It does not matter if you were about to be balls deep into an extremely attractive lady or not. So, I of course stop and start to move to the closet as she is telling me just to relax and get back to the fun. Now do you know what was fucking in that closet not a killer no not that at all instead it was something much worse a naked guy. That’s right it was apparently her boyfriend. I know weird right what was worse she knew and had set this up. Now I am willing to do a lot of freaky things in the bedroom, but I draw the line at other men in the room.

The second time was even worse so we ended up at a summer camp because a killer was there, and hell because of what happened I don’t even remember which one it was. Anyways to get back to the point, we get there find the people, and we start moving through the woods when this sketchy looking forty-year-old counselor, mind you I am not eighteen yet, whispers into my ear about how since he is going to die, I should let him fuck my ass. Then he had the nerve to grope me! Now you can only imagine my reaction was to deck him leaving him unconscious. That did apparently lead to his death, but I can’t be held responsible for that right? Anyways like I said I don’t like summer camps and I have my reasons.

“Fine we’re even, but you’re still a dickmunch.” I say as I get up from my chair.

“We’re both Dickmunchers after all that is why we get along so well and always have. Besides you’re the one who is always going on about how you’re a gift from the gods to all of women kind thus it only makes sense that men would be looking at you too. Just saying.” He says with a chuckle and that smirk.

“What can I say when you put it like that, I guess you’re right. We’re both assholes and I guess that any person who is attracted to men is going to be pining for me. Man, being this sexy is a curse and a blessing.” I say this as we both start laughing.

Crimson stands up before responding. “Well, I don’t quite think anybody who is attracted to men is quite right, since I seem to recall some women who your charms did not affect.”

I walk over to him and clasp him on the shoulder. “I did say person not freaks, I am sorry man, but anybody not interested in me, but claim they like men are freaks plain and simple.”

We both laugh again thinking back to Adrestia and Sapphire. Both of them were very good friends. Adrestia had a thing for Crimson instead of me, and that was okay. Sapphire who knows? I mean at that age we did not really look at her as anything other than a friend or fellow member of mischief.

Crimson finally responds. “I think I am going to go ahead and head out. I have a lot digging in my future might as well get started. As far as you go, try to remember that we leave in two days so don’t do anything stupid. You know I think you’re right, they might’ve been freaks.” He says this as he pushes my arm off his shoulder and grabs his bag.

I see him out as I am thinking of the best ways to try and spend these two days. Going to town to see if I can get me some is an option, or maybe starting on my road. It would be nice if I could just drive there while we work on the middle. Anyways, the fact that we’re working on building our base is the only reason that that I am getting some free time before a mission. Especially one that is hard to determine who the killer will be since so many fucking horror movies tend to take place at camps. On the bright side, in like half of them the killers tend to be more human so that is a thing.






It takes me more than a few hours to reach the location that I decided to put my own home. I probably should’ve left sooner, as it is already past five now due to how far away it is from Lance’s house. It’s fine though because this won’t be the first time I dig in the dark.

As I think this a small pain shoots through my left shoulder where one of the scars from that night in Red Elm is. The pain is not real it is simply a memory since I was digging holes during that night too. I quickly brush the memory and pain out of my mind and grab my shovel. It is going to be a long night and it is best if I get started. Not to mention digging will help me clear my mind. I am not the biggest fan of the fact that we really have no idea which killer we could be going to combat with as summer camps are a frequent location in the slasher genres. Hell, they have even become more popular in the other genres of horror such as paranormal.

I put everything out of my mind as I pull a small radio that runs off of batteries out of my pack and set in the corner before putting a cd in and cranking it up as I start to dig. The digging does its job effortlessly as all other thoughts left my mind. Completely focused on the digging I would say roughly three hours had passed before I even realized. The only indication of the time passing by is the soreness radiating throughout my body.

I set the shovel down for a moment so I can change cd’s and get a drink of water when my phone starts ringing. “Let’s take a step back, before we get too far ahead, I know we can walk together, I know it can be me and you forever”. Based on the ringtone it has to be Ruth not that it matters but she is the one who set it.

“Whaat’s up Ruuth?” I say as I flip open the phone. I probably sounded a little weird since I had just taken my break meaning I was still catching my breath.

“Are you okay you sound out of breath did I call at a wrong time?” she responds with concern in her voice.

I take a moment to take a swig of water and catch my breath before responding. “Yes, I am fine and this as fine a time as any. I was just taking a quick break from digging a hole.”

“Okay, I guess is the hole for your idea of an underground house?” she asks.

“I guess it is that obvious, but yes I told Lance about it today and headed out here to break ground on the project.” I say back.

“Wow I wished I could have been there for that discussion. How did he take it I mean you two have been living together since you were young right?” She asks with genuine curiosity.

“Ha, I guess you could say that I mean we were made roommates at the orphanage. If I remember correctly, we originally hated it after all that meant sharing and since neither of us had that much it meant everything was always in contention but what do you expect from two three-year old’s. Anyways he could have taken it better, but the conclusion is I build it by myself and he builds his road by himself so fair.” I say while laughing.

“Wow that is a long time of you two supporting one another. I am sure he will be fine with it in time though especially when he sees you aren’t going anywhere. I mean he probably would never admit it but the fact that he was at the orphanage you said because his parents just didn’t want him has to be something that weighs on the back of his mind.” She says this in a way that I think she is trying to comfort me.

During the call I have found a large tree to sit against it is not the comfiest but I have had much worse.

“That is correct his parents just decided that he was too much of a burden and abandoned him which is how he came to the orphanage. That being said it sounds like you’re trying to comfort me when I am fine, if you want to comfort someone call him.” I say this back.

“Oh, really is that so. Somehow, I doubt that this has no effect on you after all you don’t like not being in control of situations and this means that if something was to happen you would not be readily available. So don’t try to sell me ocean front property in Arizona okay.” She says this in a condescending tone.

To be fair I guess I have thought about that except for a couple of times since I decided to build myself a house. So, I guess this might be somewhat of an experience for me too, but I am never going to tell her that she might have a point.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re just a know it all aren’t you. Anyways, what made you call in the first place?” I think I did a good job of switching the subject.

“Okay point taken and I simply wanted to hear your voice. I mean while I am here, I don’t get to see any of you. I know I have people I talk to here and everything but you guys and Lexi mean a lot to me, so is it impractical that I might want to hear your voice since it not like you ever call me.”  Ruth says this with a sigh.

“Well, I guess that could be reasonable. I mean Little Lexi comes over here from time to time to help us in the building process. I guess I don’t mind hearing your voice either I mean it is a change up from Lance’s voice.” I say like I never really considered it.

“If you like to hear my voice than why don’t you ever call?” She asks.

“Well, that is simple I don’t want to interfere with your life there. I mean you have classes and have to study not to mention your social life. I mean last you called you had a date with someone.” I reply in a voice like it was obvious.

“Are you stupid that is not a reason to not call. I mean you do things that can get you killed and I know this and you want to talk about disruptive. I am always worried that I am going to call and get no answer because something has happened to you.” She answers in an irritated voice.

“I guess you have a point, after all you’re my closest non-work-related friend and that might not be fair to you. So how about this I agree to call you at least once a month as a wellness check. That way you know that we are okay.” As I say this, I think it is pretty reasonable.

“Not good enough let’s make it at least twice a month with room for more calls. Also, you have to tell me if you’re going on a mission and if the time for you to call would fall while you’re on a mission I still expect a call.” I can tell with how she says this that there is no arguments to be had.

I lightly tap my head on the tree behind me in defeat before answering.

“Fine I agree to your terms. Which I guess means I have to tell you that we leave to go on a mission in two days.” I say this with as much defeat and venom in my voice as I can muster.

In her reply she simply ignores my tone. “Perfect; now was that so hard and what type of mission is this?” the concern in her voice is obvious.

“It’s nothing; just a little trip to a summer camp, and besides I always tell you that there is no reason to worry about me I will always be fine and as long as I am fine, I am sure Lance is as well. Now how about something actually important. How are you doing?” I say the first part with mock overconfidence and the second part with real concern.

“I am sure Lance loves that and I don’t care how many times you tell me I will worry about you. As far as I am concerned, I am doing fine.” She says this and her voice kind of quivers at the end.

“Now I am no expert, but that does sound like a lie. Is it the dream from that night still bothering you?” I say this as nicely as I can after all I am not one to judge someone on bad dreams.

“Yes, and no, the dreams about losing Suze have lessened I honestly barely have them anymore that alone scares me; but even more so the dream I am having a lot now is always about what would have happened if you did not arrive and what would have happened to me. It always starts the same way now right after I left Suze and Lexi. I mean they’re not even in the dream anymore now it is just me by myself wandering alone in the dark until I stumble upon the monster. From there it takes many routes all leading to my demise though and I wake up sweating and crying.” As she says this, I can hear her getting emotional.

If I had to guess the new dream is just due to her leaving Lyrewood Falls to go to school it has only been about a year and I would guess that being away from everyone is making her feel alone despite the new people she is meeting and talking to. The other factor I’m sure is the fact that Suze is no longer the focal point of the dream. It used to always be her seeing Suze before leaving than again in the emergency tent we had setup and lastly saying goodbye to her in the hospital. Suze meant so much to her that feeling like it no longer has a heavy impact is frightening in of itself. I take a moment to compose my thoughts before I reply.

“Now that is nothing to feel down about after all I am sure you’re just feeling a little lonely, but the term is almost over and you’ll be back here with family and friends. Hell, we can even hang out some this summer maybe have a movie night. As far as the dream changing it is completely natural just because it is not weighing you down as much does not mean you didn’t care about her or don’t still care. It just means you’re finally getting to a point where you can truly heal and move on.” I say this hoping it will make her feel better.

“I want to believe you, but your nightmares still occur just as frequently and it’s been the same time that has to mean something right. I mean did you care for her that much more than I cared for Suze?” she says this and I can hear some tears starting to flow.

“You misunderstand my dreams are not about the people in them I am much too heartless a person for that. The dreams represent my own failures. To me as much as losing them hurt it is a natural outcome of the world all people die it is simply a matter of how and when. I will die probably sooner rather than later. You will die as will Lance and Little Lexi it is inevitable. The reason it haunts me is because both times I had to watch them die in front of my eyes as I was helpless to do anything about it. They are my failures and that is why they haunt me.” I say this for probably the first time ever. The dreams show weakness so I do not like to discuss them much but Ruth needs to hear it to help her.

“Wow how could you say that you are such a dick I mean talking about death so casually and like you don’t care.” She starts to go on but stops and before I am able to respond she speaks again. “Actually, maybe I am the one being the dick. I mean look at who I am talking to death is a part of your life it is only natural that you would become like this. I mean that one night affected me so much and you have lived through countless nights like that. I think I get it when I was laying on the ground bleeding out and injured one of the only things that was going through my mind was how useless I was. I couldn’t stop you guys and did not waste enough time for Suze and Lexi to make it back to the gym. You’re right you’re a cold, calculating, heartless man but despite that I think I will always be your friend because you need them. I would join you guys but you don’t want me to and I am willing to accept that, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to have your back like you have everyone else’s.” She says this with a fiery conviction through the tears.

I simply look up into the sky it is pitch black out now except for the stars in the sky. They really do look beautiful out here. I take a moment to think about what Ruth said it was the same kind of crap that Amber and Shield use to say. Very rarely has it ever felt like there was someone besides Lance that I could trust to have my back or understand me, but every blue moon as the expression goes, I guess even I can find someone.

“Hello did the call break up? Oh my god that would be so embarrassing if I just said all that stuff to myself.” Ruth says over the phone.

I realize that I hadn’t answered her I had just been staring up into the sky.

“No, I am still here. Sorry about that I was just thinking that if you truly have my back than maybe it is time that you got a nickname. Of course, I won’t call you it when others are around. I was thinking of some type of gem since that has always kind of been our thing. Do you have any preferences?” I say this as I am still staring at the stars.

“Yes, I have a preference I want to be able to call you Colt when no else is around. After all, from what I hear every important girl in your life has got to call you that. As far as a gem you pick it will mean more that way.” She says.

I take a moment to think. “Fine and I associate myself with a garnet so how about a ruby for you after all you’re like a prettier better version of me. Garnets are fine for fighters but rubies are meant for the elite.” I say this and wait to hear her reply.

“Ruby, I like it. Thanks Colt.” She says and does a slight chuckle as she says my name.

“Glad to hear it and I see your already getting used to your privilege. I hate to say it but I am glad you called, but I think I have to let you go so I can start setting up a campsite seeing as it is almost midnight and I am in the middle of nowhere.” As I say this, I look around. I can’t see much but I can hear the night creatures in full effect. Owls and treefrogs not to mention the occasional wolf howl.

“Oh my god I am so sorry I completely forgot that you’re three hours ahead of me and you were digging meaning you would be stranded out in the middle of nowhere in the dark.” She says this with a tone that implies she is sorry but at the same time she is happy that we talked for so long.

Not going to lie I am just as happy for this little chat, but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end.

“No worries I don’t mind at all it was a good conversation, but now I hear the wolves having one that sounds a little less interesting to me, so I should get things setup. Anyways, have a great rest of your night Ruby and sweet dreams.” I jokingly say.

“Okay hope you have a safe night and sweet dreams as well Colt.” She says this right before I hear the click of the phone disconnecting.

Looking at my phone my battery is low now but who cares I am about to head to bed. I start reaching in my bag for my flashlight and some camping supplies. Oddly I feel little droplets of water hitting my hand, but it is not raining so I guess it must be dew from a leaf or something falling on me. Despite the time of year there is a nice breeze in the air maybe I will just setup a hammock in the trees, so I can see the stars as I drift away to sleep.





(For anyone wondering there was no dew on a leaf he had tears, but who am I to say such things when he even tells himself it was something else.)

The next two days flew by for Lance and Crimson. Both got respectable progress made in their affairs for it only being two days. That being said they set off for a summer camp. While school was still technically in session no kids would be at the summer camp yet. The counselors are expected to arrive a month early to get everything ready and to come up with the best itinerary for the kids when they arrive.

With that being said let’s jump right into Camp Red Frog.

Until next time adieu.





Now I was supposed to meet up with the other counselors like an hour ago, but you know how you appear cool, you make sure you’re fashionably late. You see the only reason that I took this stupid job is so that I can have my big moment in the spotlight of being cool. I never quite got it during my school days, but summer camp is a place where you can try to simulate that experience again. My girl Jessica is the one that suggested this because she wanted to help the kids. She just loves kids and is always talking about how she can’t wait until we have some.

Now don’t get me wrong she is nice and has a pretty face and if I am not lying; out of my league. But that is the whole point you see I know how this goes down, I get her and all of a sudden, other doors open up for me. In fact, there are six other female counselors for this summer and we have a month until the brats arrive. I figure if I can hook up with at least three of them then my life will be complete.

The thoughts of how to make the best impression go through my mind as I drive down the long road to the camp. The road has so many trees on the side of it that reach over like they are trying to hold hands with the trees across the street that I can’t even see the sky above them.

“Man, this is one creepy fucking road, I am sure the kids are going to shit themselves just making it to the camp.” I mutter to myself.

It takes probably thirty minutes following this path before I finally start seeing the dumb poles with the different animals on them that mark the entrance to the camp. After another couple of minutes, I finally see the big wooden arch that proudly says Camp Red Frog. Now I am no expert, but seriously Camp Red Frog is such a stupid name. My personal name for this camp is Camp Pussy Willow see what I did there, clever right.

I pull up in front of the main building and I see some of the Counselors sitting on the porch one of them is my lovely ticket to the show Jessica. She starts waving and coming down the stairs. The camp itself I guess for having such a stupid name is not too bad. There are at least ten buildings that I can see. There are more than that dotted throughout the area from what the map they gave us implied. The main cabin where everyone is at right now is single story, but at least twice the size of any other building since it is the communal house, I guess. Anyways I get out of the car and Jessica gives me a hug.

“I can’t believe you’re late everyone else is already here come on let’s get introductions done with.” She says to me as she starts to pull me towards the main cabin where I can see there are two girls and one guy waiting on the porch.

The ladies meet up with what I was hoping for as they are hot. The one is dark-skinned and is wearing some short jean shorts and has her hair pulled back out of her face. The other looks like she might be Hispanic it can be hard to tell sometimes. She is wearing modest clothes but they look good on her and hopefully it is the whole nice girl to the world freak in the sack. As we walk up to the stairs Jessica starts the introductions.

“Hey everyone this is my boyfriend Chester he has always been bad about being on time I feel like I am always waiting on him.” As she says this the group starts to chuckle.

I am not necessarily a fan of being made into the butt of a joke seeing as how this is my chance to be top dog and as I am about to say something the others chime in.

“No worries girl, guys might say they are always waiting on a woman but we all know that ain’t right. We wait on them way more. Anyways nice to meet you I am Latoya” The dark skinned one says as they all laugh again.

“Hey that’s not fair I don’t make Jasmine wait.” The guy says and looks over at the other woman.

“I guess it is true I am the one that normally makes us run late I cannot lie. By the way Hola in case you couldn’t guess my name is Jasmine, and that mopey fellow over there I guess I will claim as my boyfriend Dongxiang.” She says with quite a bit of sincerity.

I doubt I will be getting a shot at her; she seems like the loyal sort and now that she mentioned the man’s name, I do realize he is Asian.

“Before you get concerned, I know my name can be a little intimidating for some so I also go by Ang if that is easier.” He says like it he could already tell the gears in my head were trying to think of how to pronounce his name.

“Thanks, I guess and I suppose it is nice to meet you all, are the rest inside?” I politely ask.

Latoya is the first one to respond. “I think that Ellen and Kendra went to investigate the other cabins, but Leona, Irma, Ross, and Zach should be inside.” She says with a smile.

Jessica grabs me and starts dragging me in “Come on let’s go say hi, since you were late. We are already behind schedule.”

I swear it is like she is trying to embarrass me. Anyways the next few hours are spent with us getting to know one another and looking at some of the cabins. Luckily, I find out that Ross and Zach aren’t dating any of the girls here meaning that they should be fair game. I mean after all everyone knows camp is about experimenting and everything right, so if they have boyfriends, they should just assume that these two months are just a freebie for them cheating right.

Anyways I have come up with a plan that I think is pretty good for how to get the other girls interested I just have to wait until the right time. Luckily for me that opportunity presents itself just a couple of days into our stay. Most of us are in the communal area making small talk. The only ones missing are Jasmine and Ang who decided to go to town to pick up some stuff for us and Ross and Latoya who were cleaning out some of the cabins. The rest of us decided that it is dark out and we might as well turn in for the night and chill.

“What are you most looking forward to during this camp?” Kendra asks.

“It has to be the kids arriving.” Says Jessica.

“I think making some new friends.” Says Irma and she winks at me or at least that is what it looks like to me.

“Honestly just being out here in the woods. It reminds me of when I was young.” Says Zach.

“I have to agree with Zach some of my best memories when I was young was in the woods and fishing.” Replies Leona.

Ellen does not really say anything, but she doesn’t really seem to say much anyways.

“I think the thing I am most looking forward to is the month we have before the kids arrive to have fun. I mean Jessica, you can’t tell me you aren’t looking forward to some snake wrangling after all that is the most fun you ever have.” I say with utmost confidence.

I mean this has to work right it lets the others know I am down to fuck and it mentions my great skills which would explain how I got a girl like Jessica in the first place. This is perfect now I just have to wait until the debauchery starts. I look around and everyone looks stunned.

“Wow I can’t believe you would say something like that especially knowing how untrue it is. I mean worm wrangling is not something that I find that fun, so how about we focus on why we’re here to help kids make new friends and have memorable experiences.” Jessica says in a voice that lets me know she is not happy.

I see Irma cover her mouth as to not laugh out loud. Jessica just fucked me in front of everyone she implied I wasn’t hung and suck in bed. That bitch how could she do that to me. Fine what the fuck ever. I stand up and start walking to the door.

“Wait where are you going?” Jessica and Zach say at the same time.

I turn around before responding. “Why the hell would you care, you just told everyone how you really feel about me didn’t you and you I don’t even know just fuck off.” I practically scream before turning around opening the door and slamming it shut behind me.

I take off running into the woods and I hate to admit but tears start pouring down my face. I don’t know if it is anger or sorrow making the tears flow, but I do know that as I get farther away from the cabins that I start to realize that I don’t know if it hurt me more that she ruined my plans to cheat on her or if it is because I actually care what she thinks. I mean I have been planning on cheating on her this entire time could I really care what she thinks. She is just a means to an end right or is there more to it than that.

“Sob, sob”

As I slow down to a halt to catch my breath which is kind of heavy right now from that jogging, I hear a crying or whimpering sound coming from a tree up ahead. Now I did just run out of the cabin so I don’t have much in the way of light, but I do have my lighter which I flip open and turn on before slowly moving forward.

“Hello, who is there Latoya is that you?” I ask towards the sound.

“Sob, sob, Waaaah.”

It starts to get louder as I get nearer. I stop on my side of the tree. What if it is an injured animal or a small kid, I have to check it out right, but then again if it is a human in trouble why would they not respond. What if it is a wolf that could be bad? As I stand there thinking I hear a voice come from the other side of the tree and see something start to reach around the tree.

“My, what do we have here a little boy so far away from everyone else.” The voice sounds barely over a whisper.

“Chester! Chester! Where are you? Please come back to the cabin I am sorry if I hurt your feelings!” I hear what sounds like Jessica yelling out.

I turn around to where her voice is coming from for just a second and when I look back, I see a hand wrapping around the tree, but it has long and very sharp looking fingernails. I stumble back out of surprise and fall on the ground dropping my lighter.

“What the fuck was that!” I yell out louder than I expected.

“Now, now that is not very nice. Especially yelling it that is just rude.” Says something right in front of me.

I start scrambling for my lighter it only takes me a minute to find it, but I can hear something stepping on twigs in front of me. I quickly move backwards like five feet in like a crab crawl. I then fumble to reopen my lighter and flick it to life.

As the fire springs to life dimly lighting the area right around me, I can see what was moving. It is a woman with dingy hair hanging in front of her face. She is wearing a custodial jumpsuit and has a little tool belt around her waist. Her fingernails or should I say claws are slowly reaching out towards me. I stumble back a couple more feet as she moves closer swaying as she goes. In between the sways I see her hair pass out of her face revealing what should have been her eyes but there was nothing there.







“I am so sorry everyone for that, but I have to go find him.” I say this so embarrassed.

“No problem we can help if you want.” Zach says

“Thanks, can you check the cabins and I’ll check the woods.” I reply back.

I can tell that Zach wants to say something else probably something about me checking the cabins and him searching the woods, but he just nods and starts to head out. I grab a flashlight and head out. The rest of the counselors just start making small talk like nothing was going on.

I can’t believe he said that I mean I get that he was probably trying to sound cool, but that was not the time to bring up sex. It was embarrassing to me which is why I made my joke.

I get to the edge of where the woods really start and the camp area ends and I see some crushed branches on the ground meaning he probably went further in which at night is not too smart since as far as I know he did not even have a flashlight. Anyways I have to find him before something happens so I start carefully moving through the woods.

You know it is so stupid that men are always making jokes about periods and how if a woman is mean or something that it must be that time of the month, but at the same time if we make a simple joke about their size or capabilities in the sack than that is it. That is like a hammer to their ego because they always either get super pissed or they break down. I mean how is that fair I mean we already have to go through enough crap with having the periods in the first place, but we are expected to just laugh about it while they cuss or sulk. That being said despite the fact that I do think he was out of line and acting like an ass I do care about him, so I will apologize of course and just act like I was the one in the wrong. Sometimes the things that we bottle up or have to deal with for the men we care about.

“Chester! Chester! Where are you? Please come back to the cabin I am sorry if I hurt your feelings!” I yell out.

I really hope he is okay and didn’t trip and hurt himself. I really think he could be the one. He is always trying to act so cool, but on the inside he really is sweet.

“What the fuck was that!” I hear faintly what sounds like Chester yelling at something.

Oh my god I hope he is okay. I start to run to where I heard the yell still trying to be careful to shine the light on the ground so I don’t trip over anything. As I start getting closer, I hear another yell this one more like a scream.


I say screw it to being safe and just run as fast as I can to the location.

“Chester!” “Chester!” “Please just let me know you’re okay!” I start screaming as I go.

It only takes me a couple of minutes before I reach where I think the sound came from, but I don’t see him anywhere as I shine my flashlight around.

“Sob, sob, Waah”

I hear something that sounds like crying coming from behind a tree. Oh my god if it is him, he is going to be so embarrassed. Should I leave, but what if he is crying because he is injured and he needs help, or what if he is not hurt, but me leaving makes him think I don’t care. This is hard I don’t want to hurt his ego anymore when he is in this state but I can’t just leave him out here. I make up my mind and start walking to the tree.

“Listen babe I am so sorry for my comments in there. They were way out of line you know I love when we get intimate. It was just a poor time for your joke and I guess I got embarrassed and lashed out at you. Please just come back to the cabin with me and we can discuss this because you know I love you.” I say as I start to round the tree.

“Oh my gosh are you okay, I am so sorry I thought you were my boyfriend. Do you need help we have a camp nearby?” I start clamoring as what greets me on the other side of the tree is a woman in a jumpsuit sitting on the ground crying. Her hair looks a mess and her fingernails could definitely use a trim. Who knows how long she has been out here?

“It’s okay I promise” I say this to reassure her as I get down next to her and wrap my arm around her.

“You’re a nice girl, and sound pretty” the lady says in a voice that actually sounds much nicer than her disheveled appearance would suggest.

I am about to respond when she reaches up and grabs me, I simply tighten my hug to make sure she feels comfortable.

“I really do hate nice girls” she says in a much more sinister voice as she lifts her head letting me see that she has no eyes.

I start to pull back startled as I feel a flash of pain and a burning sensation in my left eye. The pain gets worse and it takes me a minute to realize that I am no longer seeing anything out of my left side and my right side is blurry from the pain and tears. My head is swimming and there is this sound of screaming that just won’t stop it is deafening.

It does not take long for me to realize that I am the one screaming and that my right eye is not being covered by tears, but by blood.

“Oh, my what a pretty eye you have, but I hate to break it to you I am kind of a fan of pairs, so I am afraid I am going to need that right eye as well.” The woman says in that sinister voice.

I start trying to crawl away.

“No, no please just leave me alone, I am sorry just leave me alone please.” I start begging.

I feel her nails dig into my back as she grabs me from crawling away. She slowly flips me over leaving cuts on my side and arms as I try to fight back, but it is useless as she holds me down and slides her hand up to my right eye it only takes a second for the pain from the left eye to spread to my right eye as she pulls it out. My head is swimming to the point where I don’t know if I am dying or if I am simply about to pass out. How did this all happen I tried to be a good person my whole life and here I am on the ground with my eyes being pulled out probably about to die in the middle of the woods all by myself.

I feel her get off me as I assume a fetal position whining.

“If you’re going to kill me, please just do it already” I beg.

“No worries little girl I am not heartless I will kill you in due time, but first let’s talk.” The woman says this but I am in so much pain that hardly any of it reaches me the only thing I know that I hear is that she is going to kill me.

“You know the reason I hate nice girls because they always try to make you see the silver lining well what about it are you seeing any silver linings now girl?” She asks.

I clearly don’t answer as I continue to drift away further into the back of my mind.

“Don’t worry I wasn’t fully expecting an answer. Anyways you want to hear what I was told when I was blinded? I was told look at the bright side at least your alive. Do you know what I was told when my finance who I was due to marry in two months left me because of the accident? I was told how lucky I was that I found out what kind of man he was before we were married. Funny right, my life was in shambles completely ruined I was blind and alone now and all I kept being told is how lucky I was. I even had some people joke about me getting super powers. Ha, ha, right?”  She says before she kicks me over onto my back again.

Honestly, I don’t even try to move back to the fetal position or crawl away I just wait for what is to come.

“There are actually people out there that believe your hearing just instantly becomes better because you lose your eyes. I am sure you can testify that they are wrong. No if you had bad hearing before chances are you still do. People simply mistake it for getting better because all the resources that are usually reserved for the eyes are free for other parts now, not to mentioned since you can’t see you have to actually pay attention to your other senses. Do you get it you don’t get super powers you simply have to pay attention to what was always there before, but you put on the back burner? Then probably the worst thing that people tell you is don’t worry you’ll get used to it. In a way I guess you do, but no more than someone gets used to being in a pitch-black room. Do you understand that for the rest of your life every time that door opens up your heart skips a beat until someone talks? Humans are conditioned to fear the unknown and everything becomes unknown, but people always want to talk about how great you are because you manage to live like this. Not even realizing every word coming out of their mouths is condescending as hell. I don’t need to be congratulated because I did a standard task, I don’t need to hear how people can hear my story and get motivated. It is my fucking life not some motivating seminar. It just pisses me off so much.” The woman says this as she sits down on top of me.

The breath is pushed out of my lungs as I feel her weight on my chest and her hands start to wrap around my neck.

“You did a good job of listening, so I will give you a quick death and let you in on a secret your boyfriend wasn’t much of one. He wanted to cheat on you and offered you to me in exchange for his own life, but he will be following you shortly.” As she says this, she snaps my neck with her hands and cuts my throat I guess to be on the safe side. My last thought before I die is apparently, I was always alone as my love was obviously not accepted and shared. I would say darkness washed over me, but I was already in darkness the only thing I noticed was the pain going away.


“Thank you” I weakly croak before fading away.





After I saw whatever the hell that thing was, I made some quick decisions that I feel were the right ones. First standing back up so that I can run. Second was begging.

“Leave me the fuck alone my girlfriend is coming right now take her not me. I am too cool to die like this.” I say loud enough for It to hear, but not loud enough that Jessica would hear.

As I say this, I hear Jessica and the monster or woman whatever the hell it was turns to look in her direction meaning I book it out of there. Now not going to lie Jessica is a sweet girl and I do like her, but fuck her. It is that simple if it is my life or hers well easy choice.

I must have been running for like fifteen minutes before I stop and rest against a tree. I haven’t heard anything in a while so I think I am good. I slink down until I am sitting on the ground with my back against the tree. I take some deep breaths since my breathing is pretty heavy right now, but can you blame me. As I try to calm down, I start thinking about what just went down. I mean how often do you see women with no eyes crying behind a tree right. That has to be abnormal maybe one in a thousand chance of finding that behind a tree. So, either I am extremely lucky or unlucky in this situation or it was not what it seemed.

As I start on this path, I realize what must have happened. Oh my god I fucking bet it was that stupid Jasmine chick and her boyfriend. I mean who goes out to get supplies at night when everyone else is relaxing. They must have been planning on pranking everyone and then when I ran out, I must have stumbled upon them and she fucking winged it. They are probably laughing their asses off right now. I guess on the bright side it sounded like they got Jessica way worse than me. I mean I heard her screaming for I think it must have been like five minutes. Awe fuck what should I do now I mean I could go back and confront them saying I knew it all along and was just playing along. Or maybe I could try to scare them. I easily sit by this tree for like half an hour trying to decide the best way to get them back for making me look like a puss. At least since it was dark no one should have seen me piss my pants.

I reach down and grab my crotch just to see if the material is starting to dry. I mean I can’t really head back with it being obvious what happened right. As I am thinking about this, I hear some footsteps coming up behind me. Now my first thought is those fuckers are really gunning for me if they are going to follow me out this far when they could of just went for the others, but hey whatever this gives me my chance to scare them. I slowly start to stand up against the tree trying to be as quiet as possible. I will wait until I hear them on the other side of the tree and then I will jump out and grab them that will show them to fuck with me.

I hear the footsteps get closer and I tense up ready to pounce.

“One, two, three” I whisper under my breath before I jump out.

“BOO Bitch aaaaaahhhhh” I jump out and grab her, but all of a sudden instead of me pinning her to the ground maybe copping a feel I am on the ground clutching my face from the sheer pain that came out of nowhere.

“You, poor pathetic excuse for a man and quite frankly a human. I am going to take my time killing you. Normally I am merciful or quick with it, but you rub me the wrong way so I am thinking have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be peeled like a banana. To just have your skin pulled off your body.” The creepy voice from earlier says.

This time I am not falling for it though.

“Awe fuck bitch what did you do to my eyes, don’t you think that is a little extreme for a prank I mean I know this is all just a load of shit meant to scare us!” I yell out at her. Fuck I am trying to be badass here but whatever she did to my eyes is rough.

“Oh, this is going to be fun.” She says right next to my face as she grabs me.

I try to punch her because I am tired of this shit, but she somehow avoids it and then I feel something like blades ripping into my flesh and then there is yanking. The time for being tough is over as I start screaming out in pain.





I think that we got all the supplies that everyone wanted. It took us quite awhile so everyone else might have gone to bed by the time we get back, but that is fine. Jasmine and I can still have a cup of cocoa before heading to bed ourselves. I still remember the day that I asked Jasmine out I was a nervous wreck and really thought that she was going to say no, but she surprised me and said yes which I wish I could say I took with stride. I sadly cannot when she said yes, I was so surprised and happy I tripped over my own feet and took a face plant onto the concrete, so we actually laugh and say our first date was spent in the hospital. Which on the bright side made me more confident in the second date because I could not pick a place with worst food or a less romantic scenery.

“What is that up there?” Jasmine asks.

I am pulled out of my thoughts to look at what she is talking about. Up ahead on the road is a van parked by one of the totems.

“I don’t know maybe they are having car problems” I say back.

“Even if that is the case why would they be all the way out here. I mean there is nothing but the camp on this road and where at least like thirty minutes out of the way.” She responds with skepticism.

I know she is right that it is odd.

“Maybe in the dark they took a wrong turn and seeing the totems have them questioning what is going on.” I say which is plausible, I think.

As she is about to respond we see someone get out of the van and light a flare holding it up towards us.

“It looks like they want us to stop” I remark.

“Of course, they do it is hard to murder us if we just drive by them.” She says sarcastically.

“Okay do you not want me to stop. I mean what if that was us would you not want someone to stop to help?” I ask. I mean I will go with whatever she decides, but I do feel like there are times when people just need help.

“I know, you can stop, but they are not getting in the car.” She says in a tone that lets me know she is agreeing but with protest.

“Okay thanks honey.” I say as I slow down and roll my window down as I get closer to the two figures by the flare.

I pull up next to them and the first thing I notice with light actually on them is that the one is covered in scars which might be a bad sign he looks dangerous. The other looks like he could be a model. The one with the scars speaks up first before I even get a chance to talk since, I hesitated looking at them.

“Hello, there are you guys staying up at Camp Red Frog I thought it did not open for at least another month?” The way in which he asks makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

“Yeah, we are and were the only ones that are allowed to be on the grounds, so what are you doing here?” Jasmine asks before I can answer.

The man with the scars or kid maybe I don’t know he is young I would say still in his teens, but if that is late or mid, I can’t tell. Anyways he responds looking past me to Jasmine.

“Well miss we are here tracking a pack of wolves that have been causing some problems for the folks around here and were hoping that no one would be here yet because it could be dangerous. The weather has not been kind to this area as far as wildlife is concerned and wolfs are intelligent creatures, but even an intelligent creature can get desperate and a desperate creature is a danger to everything. So, if you have anyone else here you should probably grab them and head back to town for at least a couple of days while we get this under control.” He replies back in a nice way.

Now this story seems like it could be plausible I could of swore I heard wolfs howling the other day, but these two don’t seem like who would be out here to handle it. They don’t look like rangers, wildlife officers, or even hunters. I mean the one is wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

“Well, you two don’t really seem like who would be handling that type of situation.” Jasmine rudely remarks.

Normally she is the sweetest girl on the planet and nice to everyone, but I think she is just a little scared because of these two.

The tall blond one who looks like a model steps up and talks for the first time.

“I understand your hesitation or doubts, but we really are here just to try and keep everyone safe. If you don’t want to head to town fine, but can we at least head into the camp area with you, so we can setup some equipment. You can hang around with us. We don’t have guns or anything. All we have are our knives.” He says this in way meant to make us feel more comfortable.

I don’t really know what to think at the moment, but luckily Jasmine comes to my aid like always.

“I guess that is fine as long as we can watch as you set up your equipment, but what kind of equipment is it?” Jasmine responds.

The scarred one speaks up again.

“Sounds fine to me. Hell, if it makes you feel better you can hold our knives while we set up our monitoring equipment such as cameras and motion detectors. Of course, if we’re going to be working together, I guess we should introduce ourselves. I am Crimson and this is Lance Emerald.” Crimson says.

Something tells me the knives aren’t really needed if they wanted to harm us. I look over at Jasmine and she looks like she is willing to go along with it for now. After all we will have the numbers if they try anything.

“Well, I guess nice to meet you guys I am Dongxiang, but most people just call me Ang and this lovely yet suspicious woman here is Jasmine.” I finish saying this and see them nod.

“What do you say we get going then we would love to start getting things setup since the night is not sitting well with us if you know what I mean.” Crimson says and Lance starts to turn around.

“Sur-” I start to respond but I am cut off by Jasmine.

“What do you mean?” She asks.

“Ha it’s just one of those things you know a feeling. When you have done this as long as us you can feel when things aren’t right and right now things are very off.” As he finishes saying this he turns around and starts running to his van which Lance has already reached.

I go ahead and start driving forward assuming they will be right behind.

“So, what do you think of them do you think we should call the cops or be worried?” I ask Jasmine as we drive forward.

“I don’t know as odd as it sounds, I really think that they are meaning to protect us and despite their age that one has definitely seen some shit and his friend is probably the same. The thing that has me worried is that when he said things were wrong and how he was mad there were people here. I personally think the wolf story is full of shit, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something bad out here.” Jasmine looks at me as she says this.

In my rearview mirror I can see the van following behind us. I can also see that they are shining flashlights out the windows as they go. Which is either to reconfirm their story or they really are looking for something.

It takes us another couple of minutes until we pass under the arch and pull up to the main cabin. We step out and wait.

“Looks like the lights are off everyone else probably already went to bed.” Jasmine comments.

The van pulls up next to us and the two get out and walk over to us. I did not notice before, but they are both wearing bandanas around their necks. To my surprise they both pull out rather sharp and dangerous looking knives and hold them out to us.

“Like I said you can hold on to these until we need them, just be careful not to press any of the buttons on them and this should go without saying try not to stab us. So is this where everyone is because it looks awful dark.” Crimson says this with a tone that says he is being cautious.

Both of them are constantly scanning the surroundings which I have to admit is making me a bit nervous, but we each reach out and grab a knife.

“They probably already went to bed, but let’s go in for a moment so we can drop off the supplies.” I reply with a little bit of shakiness in my voice.

Jasmine must be feeling a little paranoid now too as she grabs my hand.

“Fine, but before we bring the supplies in what do you say we enter first and just see what’s going on.” Crimson replies as Lance starts walking to the building.

I am about to say something like why would we do that when I feel Jasmine squeeze my hand tighter as she nods in agreement to his request. With that being decided apparently, we slowly start walking to the door. Crimson is leading as Lance is standing watch with his back to the porch.

I am about to pull out the keys to unlock the door, but as we climb the stairs on the porch, I see that it is already open and it looks like there is a scratch mark on it.

“Dang it that does not look good.” Crimson says.

“That looks fucked up and like were too late more like it. Well, be careful going in I would hate for you to get uglier.” Lance says.

I don’t really need to say anything something is really wrong and these two are acting casual about it not in a we did this way, but in a we have seen shit and know what were about to see way.

Crimson motions for us to stay close to him as he kicks open the door making it slam against the wall behind it. We slowly move into the doorway with Lance coming up behind us to stand in the doorway. The only light at the moment is the one from their flashlights which seem to be heavy duty. As Crimson scans the room he comes across something in the middle of the room that makes me fall to my knees and start puking Jasmine is right there with me. In the middle of the room is Kendra and Irma with their eyes missing and they are all slashed up.

“We have two dead here Lance.” He calls back to his ally.

“Fuck we are too late. Hey Ang how many of you were there?” Lance asks.

I don’t think I can respond as I am shaking trying to not look in the direction of where they were.

“Uh there were nine other counselors.” Jasmine slowly mutters through puking fits.

“Okay Lance get these two out I am going to check for any more bodies in the house. Also check the files we brought the fact that both of these two have their eyes removed has to mean something.” Crimson notes.

Lance helps us up and out of the building.

“Who the hell are you two and don’t give us that bullshit about wolves that was not a wolf.” Jasmine yells out.

Lance simply ignores her and walks over to the van and pulls out a satchel with what looks like files in it.

“Hey can one of you hold the flashlight for me it is kind of hard to look at these and hold the flashlight at the same time also if one of you could just kind of look around for anything odd.” He says as he holds out the flashlight.

“You mean odder than the fact that two people are dead in there and had their eyes ripped out.” I say louder than I meant but nerves will do that.

Lance simply shrugs as Jasmine takes the flashlight and holds it on the satchel for him.

“Yeah, odder than that and I think this goes without saying that we will be needing our knives back.” He responds as he starts quickly scanning the files.

“You won’t be getting anything back until we get some answers.” Jasmine says as she shakes the flashlight.

Lance simply steadies her hand with the flashlight and must have found what he was looking for as he pulls out a file.

“Okay you want answers that is simple we are let’s just to make things easier for you to understand are like bounty hunters without the money incentive who go after criminals who are considered extremely dangerous. Hopefully that is a sufficient enough answer because that is as much as you’re getting and it looks like Crimson is back.” Lance says all of this as he points to where a light is coming out of the door.

Crimson comes down the porch and heads over to us. “In total I counted five dead bodies in there four females and one male.” He remarks and reaches out his hand for the file Lance has.

“Oh my god five of them are dead.” Jasmine says as she collapses taking me with her.

“Well, this is not good it looks like it is Blanche dude.” Crimson pauses for a moment before looking at us. “Okay as far as you two are concerned I want you to follow my advice from earlier and get the hell out of here, don’t stop for anything, but first we need our knives back and then we are going to try and find the remaining counselors hopefully still alive. You two though I think have seen enough to actually listen to me.” He says and reaches out his hand for his knife.

I quickly hand them both back their knives as I help Jasmine back up to her feet. To be fair she is supporting me as much as I am her. I have a lot of questions I want to ask and I am sure Jasmine does to, but delaying them seems like a bad idea, so we both just look at each other and nod before heading to the car.




Crimson File note # 57

Killer: Blanche

Franchise: Tragedy at camp 1-3, Night of darkness

Backstory: I think I will mainly focus on the first one’s plot as it was actually solid and the sequels just couldn’t live up to the first one as they tried to change things to appeal to a larger audience, but it backfired and most people don’t even know there are sequels.

The backstory for Blanche is actually one that makes you feel for her. Blanche is working as a custodian or caretaker at a camp. Now that is not something that she would normally do, but her finance convinced her to so that they could spend the summer together. They had been dating for seven years prior to the engagement which has lasted one year and is due to end with their wedding in about two months. Now Blanche is quite the looker herself, but her fiancé Stan is someone who all the girls at the camp swoon over. Now call it childish behavior or simply being spoiled, but some of the girls decided to pull a prank on Blanche to embarrass her. If the intent was just to embarrass her or if they thought somehow, it would make Stan choose them is something up for debate, but what is not up for debate is the girls decided to put some paint in a bucket and they were going to launch it at her. Now messy true, but all in all a pretty harmless prank. The only problem being when they made their little makeshift slingshot of the bucket and filled it with paint none of them checked the bucket to make sure that it was empty. So, as they launch the paint at Blanche some nails that were in the bucket were launched as well and like that a harmless prank became a tragic incident as the nails struck Blanche in the eyes blinding her and taking out her eyes. This left her injured and blind to top matters off Stan called off the engagement saying that they could never live the life that they wanted to now and she would be to much of a burden on him. Now that is bad, but what made it worse was everyone kept telling her how lucky she was because the nails could have killed her and she could have married Stan and then realized he was a dick, but in her mind all she could see was her whole life crumbling before her. The movie leaves her for the moment and goes on to follow the girls who are now older and working at a camp. Now as the girls work at the camp them and the other counselors start to be killed off one by one and the eyes are always removed. Now the plot tries to turn this part into a who done it as there are multiple characters that seem responsible. Alas at the end it is revealed that the completely helpless Blanche isn’t so helpless and has been the one doing the killing. Right before the survival girl gets away Blanche does a long speech about why she did the killing and the speech was moving enough that a lot of people actually felt bad for the villain which is why in the sequels they take her from being human and relatable and turn her into a more generic semi supernatural slasher.

Powers: She is clever and good at luring people to her, good hearing, seems slightly more durable than a normal human, but not by much. Even in the sequels she is more durable, but not as durable as others. Is deceptively fast.

Weaknesses: She is blind.

Appearance: Her appearance is usually in a custodial jumpsuit with a tool belt around the waist. Long fingernails more akin to claws than nails. No eyes, but that is usually hidden by her unkempt hair.

Weapon of choice: Her nails or claws are her preferred method of killing people and taking out their eyes.

Times encountered: 0

Danger level: Medium




After we saw the two off, we got to work looking for any others. I guess you can say that we succeeded as we found two more dead in the cabins. That was it for the cabins though meaning anyone else would have to be in the woods thus we started heading out into them. It did not take long for us to find the first body out there a young woman who had her neck slashed and broken by the looks of it.

“That makes eight of them meaning there is only a possibility of one more, what do you think man do we call this one a wash and head out or keep looking?” I ask Lance as we continue to walk through the woods.

Lance looks over at me.

“As much as I hate being in a dark forest with someone who is going to try and mess up my beautiful face, I think we should at least look for a little bit longer and if we haven’t found anything than we high tail it out of here.” He replies.

I simply nod and keep going as much as talking would help pass time or possibly let someone hiding know that we were coming it also helps to mask someone creeping up on us and with this particular killer that is not something we want, so except for when we need to, we keep our mouths shut.

Lance wants to keep searching for a little bit longer and that is fine by me. We can do that no problem at this rate I am sure the last person is probably dead anyways, but I think it makes him feel better if we actually find the body. Personally, I am willing to admit a mission is a wash before then. I mean it sucks when we arrive and everyone is already dead or when they get killed during the escape attempts, but it happens. In our line of work, you can’t think about it from a save everyone perspective even if you want to.




We have been walking through the woods for like ten minutes since Crimson asked if I wanted to call it a day and I know he is most likely right and we should but at the same time I hate to think that their might have been someone left alive. That being said if Crimson had said it was time to go instead of asking, I would have just left without saying anything. No matter what, I do respect his grasp of a situation. I mean why wouldn’t I after all the times he has kept us alive. Now that does not mean I agree with every decision he makes, but I do understand that they are generally the best choices for us to make for our own safety or the safety of who we’re trying to protect.

I think most people would probably just think that Crimson is heartless, and to some degree I guess he is but there is more than that. I have seen it he does care in his own way. Anyways as we’re walking in silence so that nothing can sneak up we hear something in front of us. We both instantly stop and start surveying the area. I am keeping an eye on where we heard the noise and Crimson is scanning our entire surrounding. The noise must of came from behind a large tree about twenty feet in front of us.

“Hello is there someone there, if so, go ahead and come on out we don’t mean you any harm.” I say in my nicest voice.

“Sob, sob, they are all dead.” A feminine voice says.

“Yes, they are, but you aren’t” I say with compassion.

I am the one doing the talking right now because I have a little more compassion and nuisance in these types of situations. That being said we have not moved any closer.

“They had their eyes ripped out all of them.” She says in a panicked voice.

“I am sorry you had to see that, but we are here to help just come on out and we will get you out of here and to safety.” I say back but I still don’t move any closer.

Crimson is walking around behind me checking things out as he keeps looking around us.

“How do I know I can trust you?” She says back.

“Well for starters if we were here to rip your eyes out, we wouldn’t really need to convince you to come out now would we. I mean with how many dead bodies are around here I don’t think the killer is shy. That being said how about you stop being stupid and come out from behind that tree after all there is an easy twenty feet between us if you feel in danger and have to run.” Crimson responds with a little bit of venom in his voice.

Like I said he is not the most subtle especially if he feels there is something suspicious or that they are being stupid.

“I guess you’re right, but I can’t come out I am injured you’ll have to come help me.” She pleads.

“Ha ha fuck that” I say without thinking.

“Ha you must think we’re stupid, let me lay this out for you. If you’re truly a victim and injured than you’re going to crawl or roll on your belly out from behind that tree or we are leaving and you can die in peace.” Crimson remarks.

My comment might not have been the nicest, but hey still nicer than Crimsons and to be fair I agree with him a hundred percent. I mean I want to save her if she actually needs help as much as the next guy, but this killer likes to lure victims in and mess up their faces. I might not be the brightest but I am bright enough to consider that.

“Ha well I guess you two aren’t like the rest, I mean everyone else ran to my aid. So, why are you two so different could it be you’re not supposed to be here. If that was the case, I guess that would make you Lance and Crimson.” She says as her voice becomes more sinister.

“Well glad to see you’re done playing your dumb tricks Blanche, but if you know who we are than you know were not easily killed.” Crimson retorts before tapping me once on the shoulder.

That was the gesture we came up with that means scatter and meet back at the cabins. Since she is blind it only made since to go with a visible gesture. So, she might hear that we are close together, but she can’t see that he tapped me. That being said we had already been paying attention to the route we took to get here and which way each of us would go to get back. After all she can only chase one of us at a time and we have the advantage.

She starts to come around the tree, but we have already started to book it. Now normally I have great luck, but this time I guess my chick magnet status screwed me, because I can hear her coming after me.

“Oh, why are you running little one, I just want to talk to you. I mean don’t you want a feminine figure to brush the hair out of your eyes since your own mother did not want to.” She hollers after me.

Now that is just fucked up and hitting below the belt as far as I am concerned. As I am running, I notice something out of the corner of my eye a human or what used to be one. This one is completely skinned which means she must have really not liked him since that is the worst body we have found. The slight pause I take to look at the last counselor does give her a chance to gain some ground and I can hear it. Now this could be bad except I know where Crimson will most likely stop to check and see if she is trying to follow him since he would want to buy more time once we get to the cabins and the van. Thus, I run straight to that location as fast as I can which does mean I easily gain back the distance I had lost. I come rounding a tree and I see Crimson ready to swing a branch at my head which I figured, so I duck underneath and tap him.

“Tag your turn.” I yell as I start running again.

I can hear him drop the branch and start running up behind me and we can both hear her further back still calling out little taunts the fucking bitch.

“What the hell man, why would you bring her to me. I mean you’re the suave one why didn’t you just talk it out with her.” He says in between breaths.

“I tried, but she said she was more your type after all looks don’t matter to her.” I reply.

Now this little banter between us keeps up until we see two trees ahead that are close together. We both reach into our packs and pullout ropes. Is it impressive or sad that we both had the same thought and did not have to talk about it? Probably sad, but we each grab ahold of the ropes and the moment that we pass the trees we quickly do a spin around the tree with the ropes. As we come back to the center where the rope is now waiting to clothesline someone, we connect the ropes and duck under neath as we keep running.

“You think you can fool me with just a little footwork how stupid do you think I a- oomph, crash!” She yells out before getting cut off as she must have hit the rope.

We hear the crash of slamming into the ground and give each other a high five, before kicking it into another gear. We are able to get to the van and start driving away without ever seeing her again.

“Well, that was something I guess” I say as I am driving.

“Yeah, it was a waste of our time.” Crimson responds back.

“Not true we saved the two that counts for something.” I retort.

“I would like to think that we did nothing for them. After all I hope if they had pulled up and saw the dead people without eyes, they would have left regardless of us telling them to.” He says with little conviction.

“You know they never do.” I say as I start laughing at how for some reason they never do leave.

“I know” he mutters and starts laughing as well.




(That is the conclusion of this bonus chapter I hope you enjoyed it and as always until next time adieu.)  

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