Crimson File Note #2

Name: Colt Crimson

Height: 5’6

Weight: 156lbs

Build: Average

Ethnicity: White, Pale at that

Age: (This part is written in pencil and you can see how it has been erased and updated) 25 years old

Appearance: Hazel eyes, long curly brown hair probably goes to about middle back, numerous scars.

Personality: Serious, Sarcastic, Intelligent, logical, and Stubborn

Weakness: The Sun, and of course anything that can hurt a human, so blades, guns, claws, teeth, and rocks, etc…

Strengths: Winning personality, logic, determination, advanced technology.

History: Need to know basis

Personal Motto: As long as I’m still standing, I will never back down or give up.

Favorite Hobby:   Shadows of the Gods card game, hey you got to have something, Wrestling.

Little about self: Need to know basis.

Crimson File Note #3

Name: Lance Emerald

Height: 6’1

Weight: 201 lbs

Build: Sexy

Ethnicity: White, with a tan

Age: (This part is written in pencil and you can see how it has been erased and updated) 25 years old

Appearance: light green eyes, medium length blond hair, Flawless complexion

Personality: Great

Weakness: Can only satisfy one woman at a time unless they’re game.

Strengths: Stunning looks and charms, and I mean really stunning looks.

History: I lost count somewhere around the fifty mark if you know what I mean.

Personal Motto: As long as there is a willing woman out there, I will be her savior

Favorite Hobby:   Intimate games with members of the opposite sex

Little about self: Okay ladies this is my chance, I am a stunning man, no, no take that back I am more than a man with a body that was chiseled by the gods solely as a gift to the women of the world. So, don’t hold back your desire come to me women and I will show you what it truly means to be with a superior being, I will give my gift to all. (Editor’s note: If you’re attractive, of course)

Crimson Note #37

Name: Lexi Lyrewood

Height: 5’6

Weight: 120lbs

Build: I would say athletic I guess

Ethnicity: White

Age: 22

Appearance: I have longish, red hair; bright blue eyes

Personality: I like to think that I am determined, strong, caring, and can persevere through anything.

Weakness: scared of failing and not living up to people’s expectations.

Strengths: Intelligent, athletic

History: I don’t really know what is wanted here, So I guess I have gone to college, I did well. I met Lance and Crimson nine years ago when I was thirteen.

Personal Motto: No matter how scared I get, I will never let myself just sit by and do nothing again.

Favorite Hobby: Reading, word games, watching movies.


Little about self:  I don’t really know what else to put except have just been accepted into the Killer Hunters.

Crimson Note #36

Name: Ruth “Ruby”

Height: 5’9

Weight: 130lbs

Build: Average

Ethnicity: White

Age: 27

Appearance: Brunette, sometimes with blue, red, or blond highlights. Green eyes. Scars that go from my right wrist to right elbow, I have a Scar on my left leg that travels from the lower calf to the knee. I also have scars on my right side. The scars are usually hidden with gloves and other accessories.

Personality: Strong, funny, and I would like to think caring

Weakness: My scars; I don’t like the way people judge me when they see them,

Strengths: Personality, Acceptance, Diligence

History: I am going to take a page out of Crimson’s book and say need to know 😉

Personal Motto: I will make every day matter because none of them are a given, they are just gifts.

Favorite Hobby: Card games, video games, sports, movies especially horror movies, wrestling.


Little about self: I am a second-grade teacher. My favorite wrestler is Triple L, but Dolph Orton and Liv Bliss are not far behind.

Crimson File Note #Bonus: Dickmunch

I feel this word deserves a spot in these files, and they are my files, so if you’re reading these and have a problem with this then stop being such a dickmunch.

Origin: Word that Lance, myself, and Shield came up with back in our orphanage days.

Meaning: Whatever the hell you want it to mean, usually used in insults between friends.

Versions: Dickmunch, Dickmuncher, Dickmunchie, Dickmondo, Dickmunching, Dickmunched.

Etiquette: There is never a time when dickmunch is not acceptable

Creators: Crimson, Lance, and Shield

Crimson File note #13

Killer: Michael Carpenter

Franchise: Summer School Murder 1-10, Michael Vs. Chris, School Camp Murders 1-2

Backstory: The backstory of this particular killer is one that leaves some questions never fully answered. The big premise is supposed to be that he was bullied throughout his time in school, and it was so bad that he could not focus and always got bad grades. Meaning, he would have to attend summer school every year in order to try and pass to the next grade. He was supposed to have been a rather mild kid who, despite the bullying and an abusive home life, tried to be nice to people. This also meant that he trusted people he should not have trusted. One of the years at summer school, some of his bullies decided it would be fun to pay him a visit. Now, the way they did this was by having Sarah Sue, who was easily the cutest girl in the school, start talking to him throughout the summer, pretending to be his friend. Towards the end of summer, they finally decided to make their move and had her convince Michael to go to the school pool while they were supposed to be at lunch. She told him that she had just got a new swimsuit and wanted him to tell her how she looked in it. This, of course, got his attention and he went, only to find her fully dressed and all of his bullies waiting for him. The pool was off limits on certain days, and of course for him this was one of those days. Thus, the bullies took their sweet time beating the hell out of him and teasing him. The expression “don’t play with your food” obviously meant nothing to them. After probably about an hour, they hear the teacher calling out his name looking for him, since he disappeared after lunch. The kids decide to ditch out, of course, but Sarah Sue wanting to really get him after having to spend the summer hanging out with him. She decides to throw him in the pool before leaving. Had he not been beaten senseless, he might have been able to get out; but, instead, he sank to the bottom and that is where he was found eventually by the teacher. He died that day, but for some unexplained reason he was able to come back, not as a ghost though. He came back as a full-grown adult who was a physical being, not an ethereal one. It was in the second movie that he got his trademarked hockey mask with the square eyes and the vertical slits by the mouth.

Powers: Is extremely strong, is immune to most weapons as far as them dealing lasting damage. Seems nigh unkillable

Weaknesses: He is not that smart (guess all those years of not paying attention in school caught up with him), Can be easily distracted, if he feels he is being bullied. Tends to play with his victims like he was played with. Meaning, he does not usually kill right away.

Appearance: He is normally seen in some kind of work pants that are either brown or black; his shirt color and style changes in almost every movie, but generally one of three colors: green, dark blue, or black. He always has his trademarked hockey mask on, except for in the first one. The mask has four vertical slits by the mouth, square eye holes that are sunken in from the rest of the mask. It is grey and has a blue star on the forehead.

Weapon of choice: He has been known to use anything available, and hands, but go-to weapon is a machete.

Times encountered: 7

Danger level: High

Crimson File note #17

Killer: Isaac the Killer Marionette

Franchise: Marionette Murder 1-5, Marionette Plays, Puppet Vs. Marionette, Marionette Massacre, Curse of the Marionette.

Backstory: The backstory of this particular killer starts while he is still human. So, Isaac was like your typical person; he had a wife and a son. He was very well-educated, having a doctorate in multiple fields. Honestly, saying well-educated is a little bit of an understatement; he was supposed to be a genius, and to make matters worse, he was very adept at the art of the con and sleight of hand. Now, all this would be fine, except he had an ego that could not be kept in check. His ego made him feel like he was superior to others. Now, that led him down a dark road that ended with him killing his first victim. She was a nobody that he found hitchhiking and he murdered her. That was not satisfying to him, like he thought it would be. No, it wasn’t enough to simply eliminate those that were inferior; he had to prove how inferior they were, and how superior he was. That is what led him to his trademark habit of challenging people to games where if they won, they got to live; if they failed, then they died. This was something that he not only could get behind, but was something that he thoroughly enjoyed. He started trying to find more and more people to challenge, and he was more than willing to let them pick the game. After all, he knew he could never lose. Especially since if it seemed like the enemy had the advantage, he would simply cheat in order to secure the victory. Now, his new hobby eventually led him to cross paths with a witch. The witch was none too pleased about losing the game, especially since she knew that he had to have cheated, but can’t prove it. To save her own life, she tells him that she will allow him one wish if he just lets her live. Now, it is not that Isaac believed in that crap, but he was in a good mood because his son had just won a science fair at school. He agrees to it, but says that the wish is his son’s. The witch agrees to it and goes about her way. Now, Isaac being at least a little curious, goes to his son and tells him if anything ever happens to him that the son should wish him back. Of course, because he said this, something would happen to him, but it wasn’t that he lost a game, he was simply murdered by one of the only two people he felt were at least near him and trustworthy. His wife found out about his hobby and teamed up with her friends to kill Isaac and dispose of the body. This led to the son making the wish, but Isaac was in for a surprise because his son wished that his dad was back alright, but as his favorite marionette, so that they could always be together. The movie then goes on with Isaac trying to kill his wife and her friends. The sequels mainly focus on him either just sticking to his hobby, or him trying to find a way to get back into his old body.  

Powers: Extremely intelligent, has never been beat in a game, expert cheater, very durable due to the marionette body.

Weaknesses: His ego, fire, the fact that he has never lost, his drive to win can make him predictable to the right opponent.

Appearance: His appearance changes, but a lot of the time he is in green shorts and a blue shirt. He has curly black hair and strings attached to a cross shaped handle. Stands probably around 3ft tall. He is made of wood. In some of the movies, he is painted to look like a normal human; in others the paint seems to have chipped off, letting the wood show through.

Weapon of choice: Usually associated with the game that he is playing at the time, so at the moment, not enough information to actually declare one particular weapon.

Times encountered: 0 (We have yet to be able to get info on a potential attack by him before it happens; I don’t know if it is something that he is able to do intentionally or not, but at the moment this is not necessarily a bad thing. We will need to encounter him at some time, I know that, but I need to make some more plans first.)

Danger level: Severe

Crimson File note #45

Killer: Scarecrow Brady

Franchise: The Scarecrow Walks at Dusk

Backstory: Now all scarecrow movies have horrible plots. This one focuses on a kid who was smart but was always getting into trouble. Now, he could have used his smarts for good or to better himself, but he preferred to use them for pranks and to get out of having to do work. Now, pulling pranks always seem like a harmless activity until it goes wrong, of course. Brady decided it would be fun to dress up as a scarecrow and wait for the farmer, or some teens to come near and jump out at them, scaring the crap out of them. The prank was going off without a hitch and Brady was getting a lot of good scares, but he should have been content with his successes. Greed, however, made it where he kept going and he jumped out at the wrong guy, who had a gun on his waist. Now, a scarecrow jumping off the post could make anyone do something irrational. Brady, maybe not quite undeservingly, got his reward; he was shot dead in his scarecrow garb. Now, that should have been the end of it, but somehow Brady, despite knowing that he had died, still woke up the next day. Now, this was something that was unexpected. He was happy at first, thinking that maybe he dreamed the whole thing; but, that didn’t last long as he realized that he had changed. The costume he had worn was now a reality; he was a scarecrow. Now, this might have made some question themselves, but Brady felt he was wronged. All he was doing was having fun; how dare someone take that away from him. He decided that the whole town was to suffer if he had to. He kept pulling pranks, but now the end result was no longer just a annoyed towns person. No, his pranks took a dark turn, and he would kill those that he pranked. The rest of the movie shows a couple of the townspeople teaming up to try to stop Brady. In the end, it seems like they succeeded, as they pulled a prank on him that led to burning him alive. Despite that, the movie makes it seem like they could have made a sequel by ending with the phrase, “On dark nights, when the air is cold and the moon dances in sky, and a prank is ripe to be pulled, you can hear the rustle of straw behind you. if you do, don’t turn around, because if you do then Brady will have himself another victim.”

Powers: He is a scarecrow, so he is immune to most blunt and sharp objects, has good agility and has some intelligence. Seems like he has a little more power than normal.

Weaknesses: Fire

Appearance: So of course, there is straw everywhere. He took on the appearance of the scarecrow he was pretending to be, thus he is wearing an old plaid button-up, long-sleeve shirt. The pants are just typical brown work pants. He also decided to add a fedora and a scarf.

Weapon of choice: He uses what is around and is known to use different prank gadgets. Also, when he needs a true and trusty, he uses a sickle.

Times encountered: 0

Danger level: low

Crimson Note # 90 (Fan Club Exclusive)

Name: Chantele Bell

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 150

Build: Average

Ethnicity: African American

Age: 32

Appearance: Honey skinned, Milk Chocolate brown eyes, rockin’ curly purple hair that flows down to my midback usually wearing a stylish three-piece suit (my favorites are animal print) paired with a hat adorned with a bird feather (ostrich, peacock, pheasant)

Personality: Boss Be-otch, Respectable business woman

Weakness: Mean people, chainsaw wielding maniacs

Strengths: Confidence, hardworking, intelligence

History: Met Crimson on one of his missions while running away from chainsaw wielding psycho. Opened up a restaurant called Annette’s in a town that Crimson suggested and have four other restaurants called, MiiMii’s, Belamour’s, Baby Girl’s, and lastly Misty’s.

Personal Motto: We are all a work in progress.

Favorite Hobby: Finding new crafts. I’ve tried quilling, felting, painting, and making dreamcatchers none of which I’ve mastered, but I have fun learning new skills. Cannot knit or crochet to save my life.


Little about self:  When I’m not at work I enjoy listening to music and rocking out to my Back N’Sync, Daniel McCartney, and Charlie Witzigreuter albums.

Crimson Note #89 (Fan Club Exclusive)

Name: Haley Benz

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 145

Build: Unsure. Typical build, I guess.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: 32

Appearance: Is Casper a skin tone? Emerald green eyes, shoulder length wavy hair. I dress for comfort. Outside of work I’m usually wearing my favorite faded t shirt and my most worn in blue jeans.

Personality: Determined, Strong Willed, Organized

Weakness: Impatient, stubbornness

Strengths: Optimistic, Bluntness, Open-Mindedness

History: Initial meeting with Crimson occurred while Chantele and I were running away from some creep with a chainsaw.

Personal Motto: “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

Favorite Hobby: Playing video and board games


Little about self: I enjoy baking tasty snacks, cleaning, and watching cartoons especially Anime. I have several cats which I enjoy spoiling and buying toys for. My favorite actor is Zachary Depp who plays Captain Jim Robbin in Rogues Of The Reef.

Crimson File note # 57

Killer: Blanche

Franchise: Tragedy at camp 1-3, Night of darkness

Backstory: I think I will mainly focus on the first one’s plot as it was actually solid and the sequels just couldn’t live up to the first one as they tried to change things to appeal to a larger audience, but it backfired and most people don’t even know there are sequels.

The backstory for Blanche is actually one that makes you feel for her. Blanche is working as a custodian or caretaker at a camp. Now that is not something that she would normally do, but her finance convinced her to so that they could spend the summer together. They had been dating for seven years prior to the engagement which has lasted one year and is due to end with their wedding in about two months. Now Blanche is quite the looker herself, but her fiancé Stan is someone who all the girls at the camp swoon over. Now call it childish behavior or simply being spoiled, but some of the girls decided to pull a prank on Blanche to embarrass her. If the intent was just to embarrass her or if they thought somehow, it would make Stan choose them is something up for debate, but what is not up for debate is the girls decided to put some paint in a bucket and they were going to launch it at her. Now messy true, but all in all a pretty harmless prank. The only problem being when they made their little makeshift slingshot of the bucket and filled it with paint none of them checked the bucket to make sure that it was empty. So, as they launch the paint at Blanche some nails that were in the bucket were launched as well and like that a harmless prank became a tragic incident as the nails struck Blanche in the eyes blinding her and taking out her eyes. This left her injured and blind to top matters off Stan called off the engagement saying that they could never live the life that they wanted to now and she would be to much of a burden on him. Now that is bad, but what made it worse was everyone kept telling her how lucky she was because the nails could have killed her and she could have married Stan and then realized he was a dick, but in her mind all she could see was her whole life crumbling before her. The movie leaves her for the moment and goes on to follow the girls who are now older and working at a camp. Now as the girls work at the camp them and the other counselors start to be killed off one by one and the eyes are always removed. Now the plot tries to turn this part into a who done it as there are multiple characters that seem responsible. Alas at the end it is revealed that the completely helpless Blanche isn’t so helpless and has been the one doing the killing. Right before the survival girl gets away Blanche does a long speech about why she did the killing and the speech was moving enough that a lot of people actually felt bad for the villain which is why in the sequels they take her from being human and relatable and turn her into a more generic semi supernatural slasher.

Powers: She is clever and good at luring people to her, good hearing, seems slightly more durable than a normal human, but not by much. Even in the sequels she is more durable, but not as durable as others. Is deceptively fast.

Weaknesses: She is blind.

Appearance: Her appearance is usually in a custodial jumpsuit with a tool belt around the waist. Long fingernails more akin to claws than nails. No eyes, but that is usually hidden by her unkempt hair.

Weapon of choice: Her nails or claws are her preferred method of killing people and taking out their eyes.

Times encountered: 0

Danger level: Medium