May 17th,

          Dear Hadi,

         I hope that your doing well my love. I think about you and little Eris as much as there are minutes in the day as not one goes by without you crossing my mind. I have been moved to Fort Caskin due to fears of unrest past the Mountains.

         If things are to calm down, I would love for you to come here some time to see the sights. We are held up high into the mountains barring the only true passage between Braughot and Cimetol. The air is thin and trust me you can feel it but there is a briskness in the air that is amazing. Like after a hard rain when it is almost like you meld with nature and the two of you become one. That is the best I can do to describe it. I wish I was better with words, but you knew I wasn’t when you married me.

         Enough about me how are you doing, I am told that these letters will be prioritized in reaching our loved ones and that if you send one back it should reach me in under a month. I know that you can not write yourself, but last I knew Eris was doing well in her studies and hopefully she has got over her resentment for me leaving you two due to my duties with the army. Or at least enough to write me for I would love to hear from you two. She should have just entered her seventh year of schooling if I am not mistaken and I am sure she is growing into quite the little woman just like her mother.

         I love you both more than you could ever understand and know that everything I do is to protect you guys and give you the lives that I think you deserve. Regardless of if you respond I will keep sending these letters and my love.


Always yours,

Nithol J. Gelatil